My Kids Hate Their Nap Time

If I would just allow it, Alycia and Sherilyn would be more than happy to just play and watch TV the whole day…. and they would avoid taking their nap, bath, avoid drinking water and for Sherilyn, she would love to avoid having her meals too. 

On Saturday, Alycia and Sherilyn played and watched TV the moment they got up from bed in the morning. They also followed daddy out for lunch and shopping at a nearby mini mart while I stayed home with baby. During their afternoon nap time, they didn’t seem sleepy and they continued playing until around 7pm…. and that’s when they began to feel sleepy and jaded. But still, they refused to admit that they were sleepy but just sat on the couch and watched TV…. quietly.  When I asked them if they were sleepy, they were still adamant that they were not tired or sleepy…..hah! Minutes later, they konked out like this :

They were obviously really worn out and had I not wanted to bring baby to the ER of the hospital to get treatment for a UTI attack and had to bring the both of them along, they could have slept until the next morning!  Are your kids like this too?  Do they always avoid taking their nap?

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