New Toys From God Father

Alycia’s kai yeh (god father) bought her and Sherilyn some toys on Saturday.  I think you can guess by now which of these toys belong to who right?

Sherilyn my princess wannabe chose this Barbie doll.

Alycia my pretty girl who loves boys’ toys chose yet another hideous Ultraman that can kill raksaksa (lol!), an Ultraman pouch,

a battery-operated aeroplane with remote control,

and a battery-operated Ben 10 monorail that can run on tracks…

Sherilyn loved the Barbie to bits and she spent the whole of her Saturday afternoon combing Barbie’s hair with the toy Barbie brush. She even told me that she will ask daddy to buy her a pair of high heels like Barbie’s pink high heels! Remember my previous post on Aly and Sher skipping their afternoon nap and they konked out on the couch? Well, they were playing with their new toys.

Sherilyn was experimenting with Barbie’s hair…. combing and brushing, pulling and tying Barbie’s hair in all sorta styles. She even asked me for her hair rubber band and asked me to tie up Barbie’s hair in a ponytail.  She wanted me to tie a bun but I told her I didn’t know how to!  She brushed and pulled Barbie’s hair so much that the floor of our living room had Barbie’s blond hair flying everywhere! She even told me that when she grows up, she wants to be a hairdresser! Sei moh!

And you know how Alycia discovered Ben 10? Nope, not from the TV but from her classmates. See how easily kids are influenced by their friends.

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