Shopping At Mid Valley…. And We Lost Our Maid

Daddy brought us for shopping at Mid Valley Megamall today. He had wanted to buy Sherilyn a pair of Crocs coz the shoes that she normally wears to school is soooo ‘chan‘ – black, torn (and repaired once) and looks really worn out and pathetic. After lunch at Canton I, we went to the Crocs shop. Everyone got a pair of Crocs except Alycia coz she kept telling me that all the Crocs shoes are so ugly! Huh, ugly? Better still, saves daddy money, coz Crocs ain’t cheap. I kept telling daddy to buy the imitation Crocs from places like Giant but daddy said ‘no’… oh, so ok lar, you pay, not me… and I happily chose a pair of platform Crocs…. I’ve been eyeing this shoes since last year! Shall post pix of our Crocs soon.

After buying our Crocs, we shopped for groceries at Jaya Jusco. Before we left Mid Valley Megamall, I suddenly remembered that one of my blog readers told me that I can get cranberry capsules from GNC, so I asked daddy to bring us to the GNC shop. When we were busy talking to the sales assistant at GNC, I asked my 2 older gals where kakak is. O_o… they said don’t know…. daddy panicked. Kakak was no where to be seen. Luckily my 3 angels were with me and not with her. Daddy then asked me to stay at the GNC shop with the gals and he went to search for kakak. After a frantic half an hour search, he found her near Jaya Jusco supermarket, with a guard. Kakak was obviously day dreaming and lost sight of us while we were walking to GNC. Even when daddy brought kakak to GNC, she lost sight of daddy again! Daddy was irate coz he was in a hurry to go back to his office for a meeting with his staff. He gave kakak a good long lecture. Kakak is quite a day dreamer and I can never ever trust her to manage the kids alone. I also gave a short lecture – that in future, her eyes should be fixated at us when she walks. In future, she should also jot down our mobile phone numbers, just in case she gets lost again, she can call us. Kakak really gave me a scare today.

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Garage Storage

I wish our condo has sufficient space to fix garage storage to store our paraphernalia. Ever since we moved into our condo 2 months ago, we have discarded many things (some of which were very dear to me but I had no choice but to give them away and discard them) and many of our stuff are now stored in the hubs’ office. It’s a tad inconvenient for the hubs to have to transport the things from his office to our home and vice versa.

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