Our New Crocs

Presenting our new Crocs :

This Dora Crocs belongs to Sherilyn. My lil’ vain pot tried out on almost all the Crocs at the shop while Alycia told me that all the Crocs shoes are so ugly!  Well, Alycia is quite right… when I first saw Crocs more than 2 years ago, I think they are hideous too…. bulky, made of plastic, look so choa loh (not dainty) and so frigging expensive.  But I must admit that Crocs shoes are durable and long lasting coz Alycia has been wearing her Crocs for close to 2 years…. and she wears it to school everyday.

This pair of platform Crocs is mine. I’ve been eyeing this shoes since last year and I finally decided to buy it when I went to Mid Valley on Thursday… which darling hubby paid for. I was contemplating choosing between the pastel green and pink. I chose the pastel green but the size that I wanted  had only 1 pair left and there were some black stains on the shoes, so I had to settle for the pink. Also, Alycia kept telling me that pink is nicer than the pastel green. Hubby thought so too, but I still like the pastel green.

And this one belongs to hubby.

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