Daddy’s Promise

Eversince we moved into our new condo about 3 months ago, daddy has brought Alycia and Sherilyn down to the pool for swimming only once. Both daddy and I have been really busy and the gals always complain why they can hardly ever go swimming.  On Tuesday, daddy promised his 2 angels that on Wednesday, he will bring them swimming. For the entire afternoon yesterday, Alycia kept calling daddy on the phone, reminding and bugging him to come home early. She even cried when the sky turned dark as she thought daddy would not bring her swimming if night sets in.

Daddy finally came home at around 6ish pm. The gals were screaming away in excitement when they saw daddy getting into the house. Daddy helped them changed into their swimming suits BUT…… when they were about to go down to the pool, O_o, it started to pour! The gals were really disappointed and Alycia cried again. But daddy kept his promise. He quickly put on 2 bath overalls on the gals, brought a brolly and 3 thick towels along with him and brought the gals down to the pool.  I asked him if he was crazy as it was raining but he told me a white lie.  He said that he’s only bringing the gals down for a stroll by the swimming pool to placate them.  I believed him, yah I did!  Minutes later, when I walked into the wet kitchen to cook, I was shocked to see daddy and my 2 gals in the baby pool when I looked down … with daddy holding on to an opened brolly!  Good grief, daddy must be out of his mind!  I think no one in their right frame of mind would bring their kids to swim in the rain, holding on to a huge brolly! Anyway, 15 minutes later, they came home. I was enraged and was nagging away. I told him that both Alycia and Sherilyn had just recovered from a flu and Sherilyn was starting to show signs of getting another flu yesterday. He must be crazy to bring them swimming in the rain. The gals will surely fall ill! True enough, today Sherilyn is sneezing and coughing away. Haiz… see how true my prediction is. He better take care of Sherilyn if she runs a fever. I’ll definitely be unable to cope handling 2 sick babies and lose sleep. I’ll be the one to lose my mind then!

Daddy’s angels raring to go swimming… in the rain!

Alycia and Sherilyn, if you read this in future, you will know how much daddy loves you… and he even went all out to the point of losing his mind and do crazy things just to keep his promise for you 2!

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