Baby C Tries To Talk

Baby C has been trying to talk these few days. At 10 months, she can now say these words clearly : dada, papa, mama, cheh cheh, ball ball and her latest vocab is bear bear when she sees this Pooh Bear on her cup:

This morning, she said very softly “mama” when she saw me. Aawww, my heart melted. Can’t wait for her to call me mummy.

Other development milestones at 10 months are :
1) Will try to call us by shouting “aahh aahh” when she hears the phone or the door bell ringing.
2) Can walk a few steps unaided when left in her playpen.
3) When her toys drop under the mattress of her playpen, she can turn the mattress over to pick up her toy.
4) Loves to drink from a cup.
5) Can blow a kiss with her hand when asked to blow kiss.
6) Will attempt to comb her hair when I give her a comb.
7) Will attempt to put a hair clip on her hair when given a hair clip to play.
8) Will put the phone to her ear and ‘talk’ when we give her a remote control or the phone to play with.
9) Will clap both her hands and shout (while making an angry look lol!) when we ask her to ‘beat mosquitoe’
10) Will immitate the actions of the kids on the VCD “Your Baby Can Read” when she watches the VCDs. Can pull her ear when being asked.

There’s more but I have to check on Baby C now. She has just woken up from her nap….

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Just One Of Sherilyn’s Temper Tantrums Poses

Not a day passes by without Sherilyn throwing tantrums and crying. She can be really really adorable, cute, lovable and can really make me laugh with her antics when she’s in a good mood. But when she doesn’t get what she wants, she will throw temper tantrums, bawl and whine.   All these will surely make me blow my top.

Here she is caught in action, pretending to cry when she didn’t get what she wanted several days ago, after school:

When we saw her sitting there, everyone burst out laughing….. and she too wanted to laugh but suppressed her laughter and continued to bow her head and pretended to cry… which made us all laugh even harder! Muahahahaha…..

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Mah Mah Is Back

Alycia and Sherilyn have just followed daddy to the airport to fetch mah mah home.  They had just dozed off for about half an hour when daddy came home and said he wanted to bring them to the airport.  When I told them in their sleep that daddy’s home and wanted to bring them to the airport, they sprang out of bed like 2 wild monkeys on the loose and said ‘yay’, jumping and running around the house.   It’s surprising how surprises like this can jolt them up even in their deep sleep and they don’t even look as if they were deep in their sleep.  All the excitement were shown on their faces.  Now that my mil is back, one load is off my shoulder.  At least I don’t have to crack my head what to cook everyday, twice a day and my 2 gals will have someone to entertain them.  Sherilyn will have someone who can stomach all her temper tantrums and sit at the dining table for 2 hours every night to feed her dinner coz my mil is really patient with her.

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Sherilyn Did It Again

Sherilyn made me raving mad again last night. After she came home from her ballet class which ended at around 8:30pm, she had her dinner. By 10pm, she was still sitting at the dining table, daydreaming with her bowl of porridge which had already turned cold and mucky. I made a mistake by giving her a cup of soy bean milk because after she had finished her bowl of porridge, she spilled the entire cup of soy bean milk again…. all over the dining table, the chair and on the floor… and that was her 3rd soy bean milk spillage in a week! I gave her a good spank on her bum and then made up my mind that from today onwards, there will be no drinks and soup served on the dining table for her until she finishes all the food on her plate.

Sherilyn tends to daydream whenever she has to eat at the dining table. If she does not daydream, she will be running round the house with food stored in her mouth. The only way to keep her sitting still and eating her food is to allow her to eat in front of our home theater in the living room. But I can’t be doing that everyday for every single meal because this will cause her to be addicted to our LCD televisions and the DVD players. We have 2 televisions and 2 DVD players in our house. This shows how addicted everyone is to the idiot box! I guess I just have to be really strict with her to show her that I mean business when it comes to eating her meals in an orderly manner.

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I Want This Hairstyle!

Right now, I am so convinced that Sherilyn my super vain pot will land herself a job in the beauty and vanity industry when she grows up. The other day daddy brought Alycia and Sherilyn to the hair salon for a haircut. While Alycia sat quietly for the hairdresser to cut her hair, Sherilyn my bossy, fussy and demanding vain pot went round the hair salon, surveying all the model posters hung up on the wall. After a few minutes, she stopped and stared at one particular model with a concave hairstyle with the hair dyed purple and pointed to the poster. She said “I want this hairstyle!” It wouldn’t surprise me a wee bit if she tells me 13 years down the road that she wants to study in one of those well known cosmetology schools in the U.S. Would I allow her? Well, all I can say is that nothing can stop my willful child. She’s just as stubborn as her mummy!

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How Alycia Gets Good Marks For Her Spelling, Ejaan And Ting Xie

Alycia has been progressing really well in her spelling, ejaan and Ting Xie. She has been getting full marks most of the time.   Guess what the secret is? 

bribe  reward her with Kit Kat (which koong koong gave) and Smarties (which aunty Barb gave) each time she could spell all the words during my practise sessions with her at home.  Also, before she could have access to the Astro remote control to switch to Disney Channel, she has to spell her words too.  This works pretty well on my junkie lover and TV addict girl (max of 2 hours of TV a day)! 

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Baby C’s Wierd Sleeping Pose

These days, Baby C has a tendency to wake up at around 6:30am just before I leave the house for my morning jog/gym. If she does, I’ll bring her along. By 9ish am, she would be cranky and sleepy but 3 days ago, I found her asleep in less than 1 minute upon me putting her in her playpen (which is extremely rare), in this position:

What position is this called? She was seated (bump on the mattress) but her entire body was stretched forward, with her head touching her feet. She looked really cute, as if she was trying to follow her cheh cheh doing a stretch exercise in their ballet class or someone doing a yoga pose!

Watch a funny video of Baby C HERE.

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Dating Website Perhaps?

I have an erstwhile colleague who has many of the qualities that a woman would look out for in a man. He is good looking, a gentleman, holds a managerial post in a large organization, is patient and never fails to make people laugh with his antics and jokes. One of the downsides is that he’s BIG! (to some it’s a downside but some girls may like it) I actually don’t mind this feature as I think it’s a fatherly figure, is beary cuddly and any girl would feel secured being with such a tall and BIG guy! He’s also shy when it comes to opening his gold-filled mouth to make the first move with a girl. My other colleagues and I had always encouraged him to make the first move but he always gave us the same lame excuses. I’ve not spoken to him nor met him for years and I heard from my other former colleagues that he’s still single. If I bump into him one of these days, I’ll definitely ask him to go to a dating site. Since he turns red and is kinda tongue-tied when he sees a girl, a dating website like would be the ideal place for him to passion search his candidate!

Passion Search is different from other dating websites in that there is no joining fee. Online video chatting is also absolutely free! This is a plus point as the members not only get to interact with one another but also have the chance to see how the other member looks like. Other features include chat rooms, instant messages, dating services, ‘meet in person’ service where members can send invitations to meet other members in person and much more. If you are just like my friend who is too shy to tackle a girl in person, perhaps you should give a shot and passion search the girl of your dreams discreetly at the comforts of your own home today! You’ve got nothing to lose!


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Counting Down To Baby C’s Surgery Date

No mother would possibly know what my feelings are right now unless they have a child who is about to go for a major surgery. I am worried, anxious, sometimes I feel pessimistic and at other times I feel optimistic. Once in a while I feel like crying too when I think of what my baby has to go through.  This is really a mental anguish to me. I really don’t know if this surgery will fix her problem once and for all or will she need another surgery to correct the problem. Will she suffer from any complications during the surgery? What if she doesn’t wake up from the surgery? Will she suffer from any mental and physical disabilities resulting from the surgery? These are just some of the misgivings that I have on the surgery. I can’t possibly handle all these by myself. I’ll leave everything in God’s hands.

I have started to prepare a check-list on the things that I need to bring to the hospital. My list is really long and I think I will need an extra large trolley luggage and another hand held luggage. Some of the things that I will need to bring to the hospital are my breast pump, some travel towels, a pack of diapers, milk bottles, my neck-support pillow and bolster (I need these, otherwise I am bound to have sleepless nights and a bad stiff neck and shoulders!), my supplements, Baby C’s bowl, cup, spoons and the list goes on. I can’t wait for the day to arrive yet I dread for the day to arrive. How ironic! I hope our stay at the hospital will be over real quickly without us realizing it and that everything will turn out smoothly without any complications and hitches. And I need lots of prayers for a smooth surgery and a minimal pain post-surgery for my baby.

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I Lost My Sweet Voice!

This morning, I managed to spit out loads of thick dark yellowish + greenish phlegm. It’s really terrifying to see such colored phlegm. I think I must have been bitten by a virulent bug. After spitting out the phlegm, I felt better and my throat doesn’t hurt that much anymore. Hubby has asked me to see the doctor to get some antibiotics but I hate popping on antibiotics. Most times after a course of antibiotics, my down south will most likely be attacked by yeast and I’ll need antibiotics to treat the yeast. Moreover I am still nursing Baby C and I don’t want my milk to be affected. I’ve been sucking on Difflam, drinking Apple Cidar Vinegar with Manuka honey and gargling salt water.

Though I am feeling slightly better today after my half-hour morning jog, I have however lost my voice! It’s been aeons since I last lost my voice. It’s difficult to manage 3 kids without my voice! I can’t talk and sing to Baby C and I can’t yell at Sherilyn too! Oh well, maybe it’s a good thing and hopefully Sherilyn will not do anymore mischief to anger me… coz on most days including today, the moment she wakes up, up until she goes to bed at night, she makes my blood boil with all her temper tantrums and unreasonable whims and fancies. I am really hoping that this is just a passing phase which will end soon.

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Sherilyn My Super Vain Pot

Sherilyn is only 4 years old and she’s super duper vain. I wonder who she inherited this trait from. I remember I wasn’t vain at all when I was a little girl. I had to wear whatever clothes that my mum bought me and I had no freedom to choose what I wanted to wear. Sherilyn chooses her own clothes everyday and she insists that her hair must be tied up and there must be a hair clip on her fringe too. And mind you, she doesn’t want me to put the hair clip for her for she wants to put the hair clip on her fringe by herself, which dangles loosely right in the middle of her forehead!! Goodness, I tell you she looks really hilarious as the hair clip would look messy and out of place. I should snap a picture of her with the hair clip on her fringe. Besides her hair clip fetish, she is also obsessed with her bangles. Daddy recently bought her some bangles that look like one of those bridesmaid gifts and she wears them everyday to everywhere!

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Feeling Better Today

I was still feeling sluggish last night and my throat hurt badly. It felt as if there was a huge piece of meat lodged in my throat and I couldn’t swallow food well. I also have lots of thick dark yellow phlegm. Eewwww! I think I must have sniffed too much of Baby C’s soiled diapers because the phlegm smelled a tad like Baby C’s infected pee! Sorry for being gross but that’s just how it smells like!

Anyway, I felt so terrible last night that I thought I would need to see the doctor today to get some antibiotics for my throat. However when I woke up at 6am this morning, I felt slightly better. I decided to go for a jog in the hope that after a good workout, the toxins would be expelled from my body and I would feel better. I made the right decision as after a half-hour jog, I felt good! After my jog round the neighborhood, I even sat on the patio furniture by the poolside of our condo and read the newspapers for about 5 minutes before going up. It was really refreshing sitting on the deckchair, admiring the view and the beautiful wicker furniture surrounding the swimming pool. What’s missing were some patio umbrellas for the tables and deckchairs. I should write a letter to the management of the condo and suggest to them to purchase some patio umbrellas from Today’s Swim And Patio for the pool. One of the things that I enjoy living in a condo is the facilities – a nice pool with lovely patio furniture and a cool gym too!

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Still Feeling Sluggish

I told myself last night that I’d hit the sack at 9:30pm together with Baby C and skip gym/jogging this morning so that I can get an extra hour of shut-eye but my plan never ever materializes.  Baby C woke up at 5:30am and poo poo and I had to wash her up.  This normally happens whenever she has a UTI attack.  She would purge even in the wee hours of the morning.  In fact, I woke up every 2 hours again to change baby’s diaper.  Baby C is having yet another UTI attack now and I can’t do much except to wait until tomorrow for the urine culture results and sensitivity report to be out before our doctor can treat her.

I am still feeling sluggish – feel cold and feverish, body feels sensitive and achy when touched, phlegm is dark yellow with streaks of blood, throat hurts, head throbbing and having a slight dry cough.  Have been gulping all my supplements, Cactus Juice and what not.  I’m trying to avoid taking antibiotics as I’m still nursing Baby C.  Have no appetite for much food and can only swallow soft food like bread and cake. Yeah I know, all carbo, fattening and unhealthy but what the heck, if they make me feel good when I’m sick, the heck with my weight!

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I Seriously Need A Break From The Kids

I am exhausted. I am physically and mentally burnt out. And I am now sick. Yet I don’t get any sick leave. Being a SAHM, I work round the clock, 24 hours a day, all year round with no paid leave, no salary increment and no bonuses. This is not fun at all. I want a break. I tell my 2 older kids all the time that I will run far away from them each time they disobey me and drive me to the point of wanting to jump down from the 5th floor of my condo!  What I really want to do now is to go on a holiday…just me alone, without the kids and without the hubs. The hubs will stay home to look after the kids so that he knows exactly how back-breaking and mental-torturing it is to be cooped up in the house with 3 kids and no break. I am yearning to go on one of those holidays for singles from Just You to de-stress my battered body and mind.

Just You offers escorted holidays for single travelers, including ocean cruises, short breaks, river cruise holidays and holidays by air and coach to Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Central and South America, Africa, China and Asia and the Middle East. What I would love is a single cruise in Alaska! There will be a tour manager to accompany the single travelers to arrange meals, offer advice and answer any question. There will also be plenty of me time and space for me to be alone. That’s just what I want right now! I’m sure I’ll come back fully recharged and a much happier person after one of those singles holidays to clear my cluttered mind!

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Immune System Going Downhill

My immune system has always been pretty strong.  When everyone in the house were down with flu and throat infection, I hardly caught the bug.  Ever since Baby C’s monthly UTI attacks 8 months ago, my immune system has been going downhill.  All the worries, anxiety, sleepless nights and interrupted sleep are suffocating my immune system.  Sherilyn and hubby have beeen down with a strep throat and cough for the past few days and today, I caught the bug.  I feel so listless and weak.  My throat hurts, my entire body feels achy, my head feels heavy and throbbing and I feel breathless.  I’ve been sucking on Difflam lozenges for the strep throat, gargling my throat with salt water and drinking water (coconut water, loh hon koa herbal drink and plain water) like a camel till I feel so bloated.  Also running to the loo to pee non-stop!  Have no appetite to eat anything.  Darn the irritating throat.  I need sleep. I think I’ll skip gym/jogging tomorrow and get an hour of extra sleep.  Am praying that Baby C and Alycia won’t catch the virulent bug too, otherwise I will check myself into Tg. Rambutan madhouse!  I can’t cope handling 3 sick kittens and being sick myself.

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Family Vacation

One of the things that I want to do when Baby C recovers from the surgery that she’s scheduled for to undergo in 2 weeks’ time is to go for a family vacation, preferably to a beach resort. My 2 older girls have never been to a beach before and have only been once for a vacation in their life. That was in the year 2005 when we went to Hong Kong. They always ask daddy to bring them to a beach and much as we want to bring them to a beach, we just cannot possibly do that right now because of Baby C’s health issue. Once Baby C’s health issue is resolved, I hope to be able to get back a normal life and enjoy my kids and my life once again.

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