Blog Break

This will probably be my last post before I take a blog break.  Hubby, my maid, Baby C and I will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow for a night’s stay at my parents’ before we leave Ipoh for Penang early morning the next day.  Baby C’s surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.  I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to have access to the internet.  I hope I’ll have the time and mood to do so in Penang.  

Right now, I’m feeling anxious.  I hate this feeling actually.  It’s a nagging worry and anxious feeling and I’ve been feeling like this since early this week, as the days are drawing nearer to my baby’s surgery.  I’m having too many negative thoughts in my mind and these are troubling me. Plus, I worry about Alycia and Sherilyn too. They will be in KL with my mil and I’m worried about them. It will be the first time my mil is going to take care of them single handedly without a maid, for one whole week!  Haih…. more worries…. I hope all these negative thoughts and bad feelings will soon be gone. I’m really looking forward to brighter, happier days ahead of me.

Meanwhile, I’d like to leave you with these pix of my sweetie-pie and I hope you will have a good laugh. This fler never fails to make me burst out in a guffaw whenever I see her rummage through my drawer, fish out my undies and bras and then wear the undies on her head! She is such a cheeky and cute lil fler!

Also, don’t forget to hop over to Malaysian Supermummy to vote for my blog k?  Thanks peeps and stay tuned for Baby C’s updates soon!

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