Baby C’s Post Surgery

Hi peeps, just a quick update on my sweetie-pie, before she wakes up or pukes again. 

Baby C was carried by me into the OT at about 8:30am on Tuesday.  I was with her in the OT room and witnessed the prepation of the surgery and only left when the anesthesiologist had administered the GA.  The GA worked pretty fast and within seconds after administering, she completely knocked out.  I then left her on the OT table and leaving her behind was a very tough thing to do.

I was told that the surgery will take about 2.5 hours but it took longer than that coz we were told by the surgeon that Baby C’s problem was really complicated and hard to fix!  She was only wheeled out of the OT at about 1:30pm, i.e. after 5 hours.  That 5 hours was the longest 5 hours of my life.  We were told by the surgeon that baby’s right duplex ureters were badly dilated and stuck to each other.  The surgeon had to do quite a handful of cutting, reconstruction, drainage, stretching, reimplantation and stitching up.  Nonetheless, he assured us that the surgery went well.

Post surgery was bad.  Baby C had high fever since Tuesday and I was really worried.  Thank God, her temperature came down to 37ish degress Celsius this morning.  The first night post surgery, she kept fussing and crying as I think she felt pain and had some bladder spasms.  The 2nd night post surgery (which was last night), she puked the whole night.  Since she ate or drank nothing, she could only puke out yellow bile liquid and lots of phelgm (which is one of the side effects of a major surgery).  Today, she even puked ‘coffee ground’, i.e. vomit which looks brownish and reddish and is a mixture of yellow bile liquid and stains of blood.  She has not been drinking and has been puking and my poor baby is so terribly weak, so weak that she could not even muster a cry whenever the doctor and nurses did anything to her.  She looks really listless and weak and my heart aches to see her like this. 

When the surgeon check on baby this morning, he said that her tummy is really bloated (full of gas). Since she’s throwing up non-stop, he inserted a nasal gastric tube through her nose to aspirate out the gas. The tube can also be used to feed her oral meds and tube feeding. The surgeon also ordered that she be given Vamin Glucose drips, which is drips consisting of vitamins to give her some strength. My poor baby looks so sick now, with 4 tubes hanging from her tummy, 1 tube on her hand and 1 tube together with a bottle on her nose.

I forgot to mention that everyone in our family is also down and out. On the day we arrived in Penang, hubby was admitted to the hospital for high fever, throat infection and flu. The next day, my mum, my maid and I got bitten by the virus. All of us had high fever, except for my maid who only has a cough. But I don’t have the luxury of having complete rest and sleept.  It has been terrible for me.  I felt cold and shivered when my temp shot up to 39.5 degrees Celsius.  Also had a throbbing head, a backache that felt like my back was going to break when I stood, sat or walked and bodyache. I felt so weak that I didn’t have the mood and strength for anything but to sleep.  Not wanting to spread my virus to my baby, I quickly went to the A&E Dept and consulted the MO.  The consultation and meds cost me a whopping RM208!

Thank you to those who have prayed for my baby.  I really appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers.  Please do continue to pray for Baby C to have a really speedy recovery without anymore puking, without any infection and an almost pain-free recovery and a 100% successful surgery (i.e. no more kidney reflux and no more UTI attacks).

The 3 urine bags hanging from her tummy through the incision and 1 pump-like plastic bottle hanging from the belly button (I think).

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