Baby C – Day 2 Post Surgery

My sweetie-pie felt a tad better last night as she no longer had high fever (albeit still having low-grade fever) and no more every half-hourly bouts of puking. She had the mood to play with her toys but still, there wasn’t a smile on her cute little drained out face. She is going through so much pain and discomfort that nothing, absolutely nothing can make her smile…. and that’s really making my heart ache. I really wonder when I can ever see my sweetie-pie smile at me and call me “meh meh” again.

BTW, I got a shock this afternoon when I was told to pay a further RM9k more in deposit as the current bill has already reached close to RM14k and the original amount deposited earlier is insufficient to cover the interim bill! Looks like the total bill will reach RM20k when we are discharged next week!! But it’s ok, if this surgery can save our sweetie-pie, we will do all that we can to save her… by hook or by crook.

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