Baby C Re-admitted Into Hospital

Baby C was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  Words couldn’t express how happy I was when our surgeon told us that Baby C can be discharged after  being cooped up in the hospital for 11 freaking long days.  I was also so happy to be able to feed my baby food again.  She was happily enjoying her eggs and soup and I was so happy to be able to nurse her again.  BUT…… our nightmare began again at 11:30pm last night.

I woke up to have a sip of water when I heard Baby C coughing.  Immediately I knew she was in for trouble.  I turned on the lights and saw the comforter soiled with her vomit.  The bed was covered with her vomit.  My maid and I moved around like zombies cleaning the bed and bathing baby as her body was soiled with vomit too.  Long story cut short, she puked again at 3:30am on another bed in another room.  I was sleeping in vomit and smelt vomit the whole night.  Towards the morning, baby wanted milkie and I nursed her a little.  A couple of hours later, she puked again, several times. 

At 9am, I immediately sent a text message to our surgeon.  I later spoke to him over the phone.  He wanted us to go back to Penang as he wanted to see baby’s tummy.  He wanted us in ASAP as it was a Saturday and the X-ray department staff work half day.  Hubby and I made a mad dash back to Penang.  We reached Penang just before 1pm and the surgeon ordered an X-ray and a CT scan on baby.  My poor baby had to endure another 2 rounds of intimidating moments with ginormous machines above her, especially the CT scanner.  As usual, I had to wear a special suit made of plumbum since I was with her throughout the scans.  I tell you, I can’t believe Baby C’s misfortunes.  She had gone through so much and I think she had also gone through most of the scans and X-rays available from MCUG to IVP to Fluoroscopy to ultrasound scans, X-rays and today a CT scan.

The scans today showed that her guts are still dilated, albeit the dilation has subsided as compared to the scans done several days ago.  Our surgeon who examined her tummy said that it is soft (which is a good sign.  A hard tummy is no good).  Also, he cannot really confirm that her guts are obstructed since the Fluorscopy confirmed no obstruction and there is no yellowish bile fluid flowing out from her nostrils.  If indeed there is an obstruction, her tummy would also be grossly bloated and she will look terribly uncomfortable.  But my poor baby kept begging and crying for “mek mek” and kept putting her hand inside my blouse and wanted milk.  Good appetite is also another favorable sign.

Baby C is now on IV drips and is ‘nil by mouth’ again for God knows how long.  It’s now a waiting game and I can only pray that very soon, my poor baby can start to drink and eat without puking anymore.  My poor baby has holes all over her hands now, as a result of the IV line (which had to be re-inserted once every few days resulting from swollen hands) over the past 2 weeks.

Oh yes, we were over RM24,000 poorer when we left the hospital yesterday and God knows how much the bill will cost this time. 

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