Another Surgery?

Baby C was brought down to the X-ray department yesterday evening to have another X-ray of her guts taken. Our doctor said that the guts still looked dilated. The baffling part is that her tummy is very soft (which is a good sign) and she can still pass out some wind. So he wasn’t really 100% sure if her guts are obstructed.

Our surgeon told us yesterday that if Baby C can continue to pass out wind, she may not need a surgery today.  If she can continue to pass out wind, this means that her guts are most likely not obstructed.  And so since yesterday, I have been praying that baby would fart and that God will heal her guts.   From 3am until 5am, my sweetie-pie was crying for her “mek mek”.  All I could do was to pat her, stroke her and put her to sleep on my chest.  After putting her to sleep with much difficulties, I had to pump out my milk again. I didn’t manage to sleep the entire night. At 5ish am, when baby cried, I heard her fart. I tell you, the sounds of her fart were like sweet sound of music to my ears. For the second time in my life, I prayed for farts. The first time was after my 3rd c-section, when I could not pass out wind and had very painful spasms of the guts for 2 days. The second time is with Baby C now. Farts from my baby are now so precious to me! Also, this morning Baby C pooped quite a bit. When I told our surgeon that I could see undigested carrot bits (from the porridge that she ate 3 days ago!), our doctor was excited.  He said “Carrots in the poop? That’s good! If the carrots could pass her guts and come out from her rectum, this means her guts are not obstructed. Now, give me a smile girl!” I was really ecstatic to hear these words from him.  Also, the fact the she kept crying for milk is also a good sign.

Baby C was taken to the X-ray department again at 8:30am today.  It was another round of bawling and struggling for her… and boy do I hate to wear the heavy special protective suit made of plumbum.   Our surgeon who viewed the film told us that the pattern of the guts look much better today.  There was also some wind at the bottom of the guts, which means that the wind is moving and can pass her guts…. which most likely means no obstruction.

Our surgeon also ordered that Baby C be given some Lacto GG probiotics this morning.  I mixed the probiotics powder with 2 teaspoons of soy bean milk and as I fed her, I kept praying that she would not puke.  Baby C drank the soy bean milk with much enthusiasm as she was really famished and has been yearning to drink and eat.  About an hour later, she appeared like she wanted to puke in her sleep.  I carried her, kept stroking her back and kept praying that she would not puke…. thank God she didn’t puke.   I’m still praying hard that Baby C is able to retain the soy bean milk and probiotics in her tummy without throwing them out. 

Here are some pix of Baby C taken last week. I had wanted to post these pix  last week but my laptop konked out.

Evil mummy tempting baby with a slice of orange to test if her appetite had returned…. it did and on the same day, she pulled out the nasogastric tube herself… again…. and our doctor gave us the green light to start feeding her with milk.

Phobia of nurses and doctor. The sight of the nurses and doctor would surely make my poor baby bawl.

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