What’s Wrong With My Baby?

Baby C’s vomiting spells have not abated. My maid and I did not get much sleep the whole of last night as we were jumping up from bed round the clock to attend to baby who kept spewing out vomit like a volcano and purging lots too.  Each time she vomitted in her sleep, we had to change all the sheets and get the cleaner to mop the floor and her cot.  Also had to wash her up at 4am when she had poop all on her body.

This morning baby went in for another x-ray. The guts pattern still look normal, albeit her guts look dilated. Her tummy is also distended as there’s lots of wind in her guts. Our doctor is still not 100% certain what exactly is wrong with Baby C and reckons she most likely has lazy guts or Ileus OR a viral infection of the guts or gastroenteritis. He is also suspecting that there is a minor kink somewhere in the guts.   If baby is still vomiting by tomorrow afternoon, he will send her to the OT to insert the IV line (dunno what that procedure is called) on her body, near the collar bone. That is to pump in nutrients like carbo, amino acids, etc. into baby’s body as her weight is dropping and she is weak from all the vomiting. Baby C has not eaten or drank milk since last Saturday. For this procedure, we have to top up another RM8k as deposit, which makes our total bill over RM35k! Can you believe the bill? I absolutely can’t believe it! Her total bill may breach RM40k when she’s discharged!  Perhaps I should pray for striking lottery next.

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