Baby C’s Post-Surgery (2nd Op) – Day 2, Sunday 24 May 09

Baby C started to be more and more alert and responsive yesterday. She was feeling way better than she was before her second surgery to fix her guts. When we asked her to make her trademark ‘funny face’, she gladly showed us like this:

Seeing baby make her trademark ‘funny face’ and being so responsive made all of us so happy and relieved. She could also show us her body parts when we asked her to. For the first time since her first op on 5 May 09, she finally said “cheh cheh” when she saw her 2 doting sisters’ pic on my handphone. She could said “bear bear” when she saw a baby with his Pooh bear soft toy on TV.

As baby had slept quite a bit after her 2nd op for almost 24 hours, she was really wide and awake the whole of yesterday and today. She didn’t want to take her nap yesterday and watched VCDs from 3pm through 10pm yesterday! Thank God, she slept quite soundly at night. At least my maid and I could catch up a little on our sleep… but the nurses who came into our room to check on baby and the drips every single hour kept jolting us up from our sleep.

Since baby was wide awake the whole afternoon yesterday, my maid and I could barely do anything. We have to watch over her like a hawk to ensure that she did not rub her nose coz if she did, the NG tube would slide out from her nostril. It had happened once and we definitely do not want this to repeat coz if would be too traumatizing for baby to have the NG tube inserted again.  Baby absolutely HATES having her hands bandaged and wrapped tightly. I can’t wait for the NG tube to be removed.  Baby also wanted to be carried a lot but carrying her is really really tricky as she has tubes everywhere….. the NG tube that’s hanging precariously from her nose and the central line hanging from her body.  If the central line gets pulled off, holy moly, she has to go to the OT to have it reinserted.  There are also sutures to hold the line in place on her chest. 

That’s how Baby C looked like yesterday.  On the left is a monitor to track her heart beat, at the foot of the cot is a machine to release morphine into the IV line and hanging on the steel rack are her Hartmann’s solution and the big packet of white liquid that looks like milk is her expensive nutrients. 

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