Thank You

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for baby Cassandra throughout our 3-week ordeal here in Penang.  I especially want to thank Paik Ling for going all out to help me organize a fund-raising drive to help ease our financial burden arising from the ginormous medical bill.  You’re really a God-sent friend! Hubby and I were informed earlier that the cost of the entire hospital stay  would be in the region of RM10k+ and never ever did we imagine that our baby would run into complications and required another major surgery which caused the bill to escalate to over RM50k. 

I thank God for giving me so many good friends who have helped me out.  I would also like to say thank you to Michelle ( who came to the hospital to visit me last Saturday and passed me some wonderful toys for Baby C and to hand me the contribution.  Also thank you to Vivian for dropping by to say hi to me.  Thanks also to Rachel (Phillip’s mum) for the beautiful hamper and Pooh Bear for Baby C…. all the way with love from KL.   Thanks to my cousin Jamie for visiting me and for the beautiful hamper.

Also thanks to all those bloggers who had emailed me privately to offer financial help to help ease my burden. You know who you are. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your offer.

I would like to officially say a big thank you to all the bloggers and non-bloggers who have contributed to the fund-raising drive for Baby Cassandra’s hospital bill. THANK YOU!

Once again, I want to thank YOU (you know who you are 🙂 ) for the earlier donation.  Though I did not accept it and you had donated it to a charity organization as requested by me, I have no regrets for it as you had pledged the amount on behalf of Baby C.  

Thanks also to Barb, Chin Nee, Sue Low, Elaine Tan, Montessorimum, Chanel, Samm,  Shir Lin and Jeff, Joyce, Michelle again who have been keeping in touch with me throughout my ordeal and giving me words of comfort. 

I would also like to say a BIG thank you to my wonderful parents and sil in HK for their never-ending moral support and also financial support during this very difficult time.   Thank you also to my mil for helping me look after Alycia and Sherilyn single-handedly in KL throughout these 3 weeks.

Though the hubs and I have been caught in this nightmare that never seemed to end, with support from friends, my parents and bloggers (though we have never met, yet you helped), we feel really blessed. Baby C is really blessed to have grandparents, parents,  koo mar, friends, godfather and kind samaritans all over the world who are so concerned for her well-being and sincerely wish to help save her life. 

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.   If I’ve inadvertently left your name out, thousand apologies.  Last but not least, thank you to YOU who have been reading my 3 blogs, for your comments and words of comfort and keeping in touch with baby Cassandra’s progress.

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Baby C’s Happy Again!

For 3 weeks since 5 May 09 (her first surgery), I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for my sweetie-pie to give me a smile…. and she finally gave me her sweet, angelic smile 2 days ago. Since yesterday, there has been more smiles and antics from my sweetie-pie.

My doctor gave me the green light to start nursing Baby C yesterday. Her first feed after 10 days on strict NIL BY MOUTH was at 4pm yesterday. As I nursed her, my heartbeat paced really fast as I was really worried that she will just spew the milk out like a volcano, like what was happening before her 2nd surgery. After the first breastfeed, my sweetie-pie wanted more and more. She was latched on to my boops almost the whole night…. and really sucked me dry!   It was more of a comfort sucking for baby and I think she was scared that I would deprieve her of her mek mek again, like what had happened twice over the past 3 weeks. The whole of last night, baby did not sleep well, kept waking up and kept saying “um mai” (no in Cantonese). She must have had a nightmare or felt hot being under my armpit the whole night! At one point, she sat up and kept pointing to the basket of fruits on the table. I know she’s been yearning to eat the oranges and dragon fruits for a long time. Our doctor gave us the nod to feed her diluted freshly squeezed orange juice today and I gave her some this morning… very, very little. I have now developed a phobia of feeding my baby and I will be really cautious this time not to overfeed her.

This morning, I also went to the Acconts Department and met up with the Accounts Officer, an elderly man who is really nice, warm and fatherly. I wanted to seek clarification on my exorbitant bill  and asked for a discount.  Good thing I checked the detailed billing, item by item as there was overcharging on a few items.   The bill as of yesterday was RM24k++.   This RM24k++ is exclusive of our first bill, also RM24k+. By the time we are discharged (hopefully by tomorrow), I am pretty sure the bill will hit RM50k. I am now praying hard that we will be granted a very good discount.

Baby C is indeed a fighter. What she has been through in the first year of her life is definitely way more than what a normal adult normally has to go through in his/her lifetime. That’s really a lot for her (and for me too) to endure but with God’s grace, she managed to sail through.  I hope and pray that this will be the end of our long nightmare.

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