My Days In The Hospital

Counting back today, I realized that Baby C, my maid and I had stayed in the hospital for 25 days, which is almost one whole freaking long month of being cooped up in a cold air-conditioned room of the pediatric ward…. 25 freaking long days of not being able to feel the sun or breathe the outside air. And I have not had a real work-out for almost a month! The only work-out I manage to do was to jog inside our room, up and down the room like a sor poh for 15-25 minutes each time… not everyday as most days Baby C would want me to carry her and on some days, I felt so stressed up and worried that all I wanted to do was to pray and sleep.

On 27 May 09, which was the 24th day of our hospital stay, it was hubby and my wedding anniversary… our 9th! Hubby bought a high fibre cheese cake from Secret Recipe and we ‘celebrated’ by asking our maid to help us snap some pix for remembrance. This wedding anniversary will always be ‘special’ as we had celebrated it in the hospital, with only our baby girl, without Alycia and Sherilyn. We shared the cake with the nurses and staff at the pediatric ward.  Baby C wanted so much to eat the cake and kept pointing to the cake and fussed a little in frustration that she couldn’t eat anything.

Baby C on 27 May 09, i.e. the day before her discharge from the hospital.  Finally the NG tube was removed (well, she actually removed it herself…. again) and the tube that’s connected to the central venous catheter on her chest was also disconnected.   The sweet freedom of being tube-less was priceless, both for baby and me…. as I could carry her around and sleep next to her without any worries and restriction.   Baby  was ‘reading’ a sticker book which Michelle gave her.

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