Baby C Is Finally Discharged!

…. but to play safe this time, we ain’t going back to Ipoh or KL just yet.  We are now staying in a hotel located just next to the hospital.  This time, the hubs and I want to make sure that baby is really well before we bring her back to Ipoh, and then back to KL. We do not want to make a mad dash back to Penang, just like what happened 2 weeks ago when baby kept puking the night she was discharged from the hospital and we drove back to Ipoh.  Anyway, the hubs have just flown back to KL and I’m in Penang with Baby C and my maid.  He may bring Alycia and Sherilyn to Penang on Saturday for a short holiday, together with my parents.

Anyway, baby has been showing signs that she’s really, really famished! Each time hubby, my maid and I ate in the room, she would point at our food and stare at the food, afterwhich she would lap her lips and swallow her saliva. Aawwww, poor baby…. I wanted so much to feed her and plump her up BUT I know I just have to be patient. My poor baby had just gone for a surgery involving her guts and I have to go easy on her food intake. Today is only the 6th day post-surgery (2nd surgery) and I’ll go slow when it comes to feeding her with solids.

My heart crushed again today when our surgeon removed the Central Venous Catheter from baby’s chest. The 20 minutes or so when baby was in the treatment  room felt like 20 days when I heard my poor baby yelling and yelling away.   I felt really helpless as I wasn’t allowed to be in the room and I could not hold her hand, stroke her head and wipe her tears away.  Her cries and screams were really loud eventhough the door was closed and we were outside waiting. Our doctor had to inject an LA (local anesthetic) on her chest before removing the catheter. For this procedure, I would rather not be in the procedure room coz I knew that if I saw the procedure, it would haunt me forever again, just like how the insertion of the NG tube into baby’s nostril is haunting me now, after I had seen how the nurse inserted it into my poor baby’s nostril. I will never forget the paralyzing fear and pain on my poor baby’s face…. and then she cried till she puked out green bile liquid with tinges of blood (caused by the NG tube). Poor baby was so traumatized that the following night when she was brought to the treatment room to have her IV line re-inserted, she yelled and bawled and shivered uncontrollably when the whole torturous procedure was over. I pray that my baby will never ever have to go through all these again.

My heart was further crushed when the Sister weighed baby today. Her weight has dropped further. From 8.2kg (pre-surgery), it dropped to 7.8kg (post-first surgery) and now it has dropped to 7.5kg (post-second surgery). Baby C is now the weight of a 6-7 month old baby. I had tried my utmost best to plump her up to get her ready for the surgery and now, she has lost all that she had gained. Haih, really heartbreaking…. but when I saw a frail, sickly, very skinny and tiny 16-month old toddler with a hole in the heart today, I consoled myself that at least Baby C doesn’t look that terrible. I really felt for the poor baby and his mum. They have checked into the hospital for almost 3 days and this afternoon was the baby’s open heart surgery. I think I will visit this baby tomorrow when I collect Baby C’s porridge and clear soup from the pediatric ward. Yes, I have ordered food for baby from the pediatric ward and the Sister was kind enough to have arranged that for me for my stay in Penang for the next 3 days.

These pix were taken yesterday. Baby C has been obssessed with food for the past 2 days and didn’t have much interest in her toys. So I let her play with my snacks…. her eyes lit up when she saw those snacks and she looked too cute when she pretended to eat my Twisties and Kasugai beans!

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35 thoughts on “Baby C Is Finally Discharged!

  1. Although she lost some weight, she’s as cute as ever! 😛 So poor thing, I’m sure she would gobble up the snack in her hands in a heartbeat if you’d let her *heheeh*… ahhh, I’m so proud of this little fighter!

  2. yes yes, shireen, at least baby C still has her chubby cheeks!! love her, and she is so cute. just feed her up, buy her whatever she wanna eat to make her chubby again later 🙂

  3. I am so glad that she is finally discharged. Our God is a good God, we shall continue to pray for Baby C complete recovery and she will be chubbier and more cheerful than now. 🙂

  4. Once baby C is up and well, I am sure she will catch up on her weight. So glad that she is now slowly recovered. Have a speedy recovery.

    7.5kg is the weight for 6 months old baby? OMG, I have overfed my boy. He is 3 months old and is already 7.4 kg!!!

  5. yahoo! baby c is discharged from the hospital. i am sure baby c will plump up again once she can start eating normally.

  6. yeah, baby C still looks so adorable despite losing weight. I am sure she will put on weight again very soon. i’m so happy that she’s discharged. how long would you be staying in ipoh? oh….you eat twisties? really? *tsk tsk tsk* hahahahahahaa

  7. Do not worry about the weight issue. She can definitely pick up very soon after she has fully recovered. When both of my children were down with food poisoning. They gained back all the weight lost in only 2 weeks time. So, I’m very confident that Baby C can gain back the weight very fast.

  8. Don’t worry. She still looks very cute and most important now, she is on her road to recovery. No more tubes, and she has the appetite for food now!

    God bless.

  9. Glad that Baby C is finally discharged! And she is still so super cute. Too bad we can’t see her anytime soon……dun know when is our next trip back……

  10. Believe you be able to pump her up, no worry… Baby C is the little angel and she is such a lovely girl with your snacks.. Wish her having speedy recovery…

  11. this is such a great news to us all !! her weight might have dropped but she certainly still looks very bubbly now…am sure she will pick it up very soon !!!

  12. I’m so happy to read this post. I’m glad that Baby C is finally discharged. May God bless her with good health always…..

  13. I’ve had no time to blog hop for the past month and was shocked to see all those pics of Baby C in hospital. I am glad that she is discharged now and all is fine.

  14. At least she has interest in food, that’s a good thing. Think positive, she may loose some weight but I bet she is taller. 😛

    Hope you and the gals enjoy the weekend in Penang. SMS me if you need anything.

  15. Praise the Lord! Will still continue to pray that Baby C continues to grow stronger each day and returns to a clean bill of health in no time. I am sure the change of environment will be good for all. Baby C will gain her lost weight in no time.

  16. Baby C still look so cute!! So happy to hear that baby c is finally discharge!! And i’m sure baby c will be happy to see her two jie jie in Penang too! Take care.

    Speedy recovery Baby C!

  17. Happy to know that baby C is finally discharged. Very soon she’ll be able to play with her 2 cheh chehs again 🙂 Take care and u have a great weekend with ur family.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I bet the 2 cheh-chehs are very excited to see baby C again. Don’t worry, she will put back all the weight on in no time!! Small matter, ok? As long as she’s healthy 🙂

  19. I’m soooo glad that baby C has been discharged. You are a GREAT mom and I salute you for staying strong for baby C and your whole family. I think Baby C is oh-so-pretty! I love that scowl she gave when you were cutting that cake. She obviously knew that she won’t get to eat it. fear not babyC, soon you can eat anything you want. Congrats on your wedding anniversary too!

    -Claire K

  20. I’m so happy to read this post and see baby C, she is still so cute as before…no worries, eat more good food later and I’m sure she will get healthier than before..

  21. Ya dont worry as I’m sure she’ll gain more weight once she’s at home & fully recovered. So relieved that the ordeal is over. I myself just reading feel so tired & cant imagine what u & fly went tru. God Bless

  22. Dun worry abt the weight, she’ll eventually gain them back later. Glad to hear that she’s discharged. Means she’s well enuff to go home. Must be vy happy to c her 2 jie jies again.

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