The Magic Bullet

Ever since I found out about psyllium husk and have been consuming it, I hardly suffer from constipation (knock on wood!). Before psyllium husks came into my life, I had tried several products to stimulate my bowel movements, including using laxatives which caused terrible tummy aches. I now gulp down a tablespoon of psyllium husk together with a glass of water and apple cider vinegar the first thing in the morning and it’s really effective in keeping the constipation at bay. However, on rare occasions, I still suffer from constipation, especially when under stress or when there’s a disruption in my usual daily routine. That’s when my body system is ‘confused’ when there’s a change in the regime. In times like these, even psyllium husks would not work. Today I discovered the magic bullet suppository which helps to stimulate bowel movements gently. If ever I suffer from constipation again, I think I would not mind giving this magic bullet a try.

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2 thoughts on “The Magic Bullet

  1. hi there …. your 3 daughters are really adorable 🙂 wanted to ask where did u get the Magic Bullet from? I hv the same problems as you …. can we get it off any pharmacy? safe to use? i guess u only take it when there’s constipation rite and dun hv to take it all the time… hope to receive a reply from u soon 🙂 thanx & tk care!

  2. Yvonne… I have not tried the Magic Bullet before. You can try to ask if the pharmacies here sell it. If they don’t you can order it online from Allegro Medical. Just click on the link above to get to this online pharmacy.

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