Trapped In An Elevator, All Alone

For years, I have been having nightmares of being trapped in an elevator which would free-fall.  When the elevator finally landed, I would wake up from my sleep.  And guess what, this nightmare actually came true several years ago, when I was still employed. I was trapped all alone in the elevator of the office building where I worked.

On the day I was trapped in the elevator, we were notified by the Building Management that there would be a power shutdown at 7pm sharp. I was really busy on that day and though I still had work that was unfinished, I hurriedly left the office at 6:50pm. My office was on the 10th floor of the building. But as fate had it, a few seconds later after I had entered the elevator, it stopped to a jerk and then all the lights turned off! Hohoho… I was trapped all alone in the elevator and it was pitch black, without any source of light. I quickly put my hands into my handbag and groped for my mobile phone. I tried to call my colleague for help but since I was trapped on the 9th floor, the signal wasn’t very strong and I could not be connected. I then sent text messages for help to my colleagues. The first few times, the messages did not get through but finally they got through, very much later. The only light in the elevator was from my mobile phone. I screamed for help but no one heard me. At that moment, when I was in total darkness, I really hoped that there were self luminous exit signs or just about any self luminous lights installed in elevators for emergencies.

I continued yelling for help and thank God, my colleague who was walking to the toilet heard me and responded to my screams. He then called for help and within 15 minutes, I was rescued, phew!

After that incident, I wrote a complaint letter to the Building Management. I complaint about many issues, i.e. why had they shut down the power even before it turned 7pm, why wasn’t there any emergency lightings in the elevator, among others. I wonder if the Building Management had taken note and action of my complaints because I left the company shortly. I should have even suggested to them to go to to purchase emergency lightings. carry a wide range of emergency lightings, Exit signs, Photoluminescent Exit Signs, Braille Exit signs and much more.

After that terrifying incident, I now have phobia of being alone in elevators. I still have nightmares of free-falling in a trapped elevator up until now.

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3 thoughts on “Trapped In An Elevator, All Alone

  1. Shouldn’t there be an emergency bell to use in the elevator, or even a phone? I would think that is the very least the elevator company could provide.

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