Way Too Difficult For Pre-Schoolers?

In my opinion, I think these Math equations are way too difficult for 5 and 6-year old pre-schoolers :

Take a look at the boxes on the questions.  They are everywhere…. some in front and some behind, first set and second set.  I think even some adults would need some time to ponder how to solve the equations.

Alycia didn’t understand the concept and I had a very tough time explaining the rules to her and making her remember them.  She still doesn’t know how to do the questions on her own…. but has no problem with straight forward additions and deductions.

I then set some questions for her to practise to get a hang of it but had to guide her to solve them.

Check out Baby C under the table LOL!  That’s my typical afternoon – coaching the 2 older brats in their homework while Baby C would be crawling and walking everywhere.  Sometimes baby would make me search frantically for her and then I would find her happily picking up dirt from the floor, under the table … and almost putting them into her mouth! 

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19 thoughts on “Way Too Difficult For Pre-Schoolers?

  1. hahaha! baby C is so cute!! thats tough math for her age! maybe u can ask the teacher what is the rule of teaching them this sum so u can coach alycia at home using the same method.

  2. wow, the maths are really difficult for preschoolers. I don’t think I did such maths when I was 5/6. More like around 10 🙂 hahahahaha….Baby C is really cute..doing a peekaboo there.

  3. hahaha bb c is so cute! i think once the child understand the concept they shld b able to do the maths, btw wat kinda method did the school use?

  4. I totally agree. Schools are crazy these days. Children should be spending more time playing and stretching their imagination rather than performing banal academic study, which they will be doing for the next 12 years of their lives!

  5. actually its a good sign.. meaning that as a country..we are advancing.. improvements…

    well for me, learn with no restrictions n learn with no force. learning should be fun..

    baby c very keh poh hor…so adorable..n in ur previous post..with the swim cap…gorgeous.

  6. during my days, those type of maths questions are for those standard 2 or 3 and above rite? *hmmm*

    anyway, shan leo attends kumon for maths. its tough! but i think good training for him also lar

  7. Totally agree with you … Too tough for pre-schooler! Children at her age should be doing creative fun stuffs plus building up their communication and public speaking skills .. Not doing homework like this …

  8. Yeah…. the new age children are getting more and more on their plates these days… not enough time the good ole form of learning through play 😐

  9. I’m having probs coaching 1 kid, with another one disturbing us all the time. I really wonder how u do it… coaching 2, with 1 vy mobile bb.

  10. Those maths questions are tough for their age. Are they learning Abacus? I just confirmed with my daughter’s teacher today that there will be 10% marks on abacus calculation in Primary 1 – 3 maths exams, so we paid a tuition fees of RM270.00 for abacus lesson in school to get her into the system before Primary 1 next year.

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