Pool-side BBQ At Our Condo

There was a BBQ at the pool-side of our condo last Saturday. The BBQ was done by the hubs and his team at Catermate.  It was to celebrate the hubs’ basketball team winning a match.  Yup, the hubs is a true basketball fanatic and so is everyone in his team. He eats, sleeps, dreams and does everything basketball.  Sometimes I wonder who is more important to him – me or basketball?  Dear, if you’re reading this, tell me tonight k 🙂 

Anyway, here are the pix of the BBQ:

Steak, jumbo sausages, chicken, salmon, big prawns, fresh scallops on the buffet table, waiting to be BBQed… 

My plate of protein, which I shared with my mil and maid….

The cook at the BBQ stove…. there was also a whole roast lamb and chicken and beef satay too…

Baby enjoying her walk by the pool-side. Her 2 jie jies were too busy playing and couldn’t be bothered to take pix with mummy and Baby.

By the way, if you’re looking for a caterer to provide food for your private function or for your company, please check out Catermate, run by my hubs.  He can be reached at 019-266 4297.

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Alycia’s Progress In Math And Abacus

This is Alycia’s Abacus work from pre-school.  She did them all on her own in school but had several mistakes.  Her teacher asked her to do the corrections at home.  When I saw the book, I was a tad lost on how to teach her coz I was never taught how to use the abacus in school.  But after studying the book and the abacus, I figured out how to solve them using the abacus.  I tell ya, it’s kinda fun learning new things from my daughter’s pre-school.  I’ve picked up Mandarin and abacus since last year. I am sure I’m going to learn more when Alycia goes to a Chinese primary school next year. 

Alycia has shown vast improvement in her Math and Abacus since early this year.  Lately, she has even been telling me that she loves Math, something that she didn’t quite like in the past!  I never liked Math when I was young. It was the subject that I hated most.

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Quirky Sherilyn Again

I told ya #2 is really very kwai mar and full of koo leng jeng kwai. Everyday, she comes up with a new quirk, peppered with lots of temper tantrums and whining. Here’s one of her new quirks :

Doing her homework under the table!  Kaik sei lei or not you say?  Tell her to get up?  Nope she won’t listen.  Yell at her?  Oh, that will cause my head to explode and blood pressure to shoot sky high.  Cane her?  I am tired of that, really.  So I just let her be unless she’s up to something that will endanger her own life or that of someone else’s!  Talk about the middle child syndrome.  I have one at home with all the quintessential traits!

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If Only I Had 3-5 Hours A Day To Spare On The PC

These days, I can hardly find an hour to spare on the computer. Baby’s waking time equals my time feeding her and watching over her like a hawk. This little fella has turned into a very mischievous and curious toddler. I can never leave her alone for a minute for Lord knows what she will be up to, just like #2. When my 2 older gals are back from school, my time is spent coaching them in their homework. I am amazed that some of my friends who are mothers can spend 3-5 hours a day on the computer – blogging and facebooking. If I have 3-5 extra hours a day on hand, I will definitely put it to good use and spend the time making extra money. There are more than 101 ways to earn money using the internet, one of which is options trading. Well, I know very little about options trading but with sites like poweropt.com to teach idiots like me everything about options trader, making money is just a few clicks away.

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Sherilyn the menace got punished again…. this time mah mah punished her for her mischief.  You know, each time she goes to the bathroom on her own, I just have a hunch that she will be up to mischief.  This fler can never ever be left alone anywhere for her curious mind and itchy hands will surely be up to some monkey business that will surely make my head explode.  The suspicion will always be confirmed if she goes in for more than 5 minutes or when I hear the sound of water flowing continuously from the tap.  Despite umpteen times warning her and caning her not to play with water, she still does it.  Haih… a leopard’s spots never change… bad habits die hard.  This time, this fler filled the dustbin (which had tissue papers, soiled diapers, etc) in the bathroom with water and then close the lid of the dustbin. When I went into the bathroom to investigate what’s taking her so long, I found the crime! Sherilyn, why oh Sherilyn must you be so naughty?

So mah mah made her stand at the corner and made her hold her ears with her hands… but when mah mah wasn’t looking, she put her hands down….

Quickly drink your water, you want to spill your water again? Mummy will beat you!” Muahahahah……
Here, Alycia jie jie is scolding Sherilyn for not drinking her cup of water again. Alycia wanted to clear the table for dinner and Sher’s cup of water was there. So this good jie jie went to Sherilyn and gave her a good scolding, LOL! 

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A Day Of Jabs… And One Sad News

Today is a day of jabs for my gals.  Daddy and I brought our 3 angels to the paed’s office for them to get their vaccination.  Here’s who got what on their bum:

1) 1st Hepatitis A
2) Booster DTP, Polio, Hib

1) 1st Hepatitis A
2) Booster MMR

1st MMR

– My sensitive and shy baby didn’t budge or jerk an inch when the needle went through her skin. Daddy carried her when the doctor administered the jabs on her bum, one after another. She’s one tough and brave girl. She didn’t cry either when the same doctor administered the Chicken Pox jab on her a few months back.

Sherilyn – I was really surprised that this tough cookie isn’t tough afterall. After Alycia jie jie’s turn, she chickened out and was on the verge of crying. We had to coax her, chase her briefly and pull her to daddy, for daddy to carry her. When the jab hit her skin, this scardy cat jerked and WAAAAAILED and all of us laughed. We laughed not once but twice coz she had 2 jabs. I know, I know, very very cruel of us to laugh but it was funny.  This bold samseng who seemed fearless of everything actually cried. I was really surprised that she would cry. However, immediately after the jab, she returned to her normal mischievous self again and kept bugging the doctor with silly questions.

Our paed told us that he has another patient who also has 3 gals and the 2nd gal had the exact same reaction as Sherilyn. She also chickened out and cried when it was her turn. I guess that’s a typical reaction from the middle child?

Cassandra – As expected, she cried when the jab was administered on her bum and it was only for a minute, after which she subdued and was back to her usual self again.

Today’s visit to the doctor caused the hubs to be RM640 poorer. So do you still want to have #4 leh dear LOL? I think we will have to survive on bread and water everday if we ever have baby #4 muahahahah!

On another note, when I checked my email upon my return from the hospital today, I was deeply shocked, was in utter disbelief and had goose bumps all over my body when I read Barb’s email. My blogging pal, Mei Leng’s hubby had passed away yesterday from cardiac arrest. I think he was in his late thirties or early forties. My heartfelt condolences goes out to Mei Leng, her 3 gals and her family. May her hubby’s soul rest in eternal peace.

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Money Craze

My 2 older gals are brazenly crazy over money. Ever since they received a piggy bank each as X’mas gift from my mil, they have been obsessed with filling up their piggy banks with money – notes and coins. Each time they see daddy or me handling money, they would plead for a note or a silver coin to drop into their piggy banks. It’s good that they have a habit of saving money but I sometimes get embarrassed that they keep ‘harassing’ daddy or me for money in public. Good thing all our coins are silver color, so they don’t know the value of each coin denomination yet. Otherwise, I am dead sure #2 will keep asking me for gold coins instead of silver or bronze coins lol! Most times I will give them a 20 cent coin to placate them.

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If Only They Can Be Best Of Friends Everyday

If only Alycia and Sherilyn can be best of friends everyday, give and take and compromise everyday, share their stuff everyday, talk to each other diplomatically and not scream and not fight like cats and dogs everyday, life would be more peaceful for me…. and I would not get my bouts of migrane attack!    Each time they bicker, each time I hear Sherilyn whining (she whines the moment she wakes up in the morning till the minute she knocks out at night!), each time they run to me screaming and complaining about one another, my head explodes and sometimes I need Panadol to rid the pain, I kid you not. 

But on some days, they can be inseparable… even when #1 sits at the throne, #2 will follow her jie jie into the loo and despite the stench, will sit in front of her jie jie and eat / drink, just so they can chit chat, talk nonsense and laugh till no end,  like this:

I wonder if they would still do this 10 years down the road…

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East Meets West In An Appalling Fashion

I told ya Sherilyn is full of cheeky and quirky ideas, very kwai mar and koo leng jeng kwai.  Mil cooked porridge last Sunday but this fler who doesn’t like porridge or rice found it a torture to swallow the porridge. I was trying to coax her to eat the porridge without using force, threat and the cane. Who likes to associate eating with these punishments, right? I asked her if she’d like to sprinkle some of her favorite Japanese seaweed onto her porridge but she said no.  Instead, this fler went to the fridge and fetched the packet of Parmesan grated cheese and sprinkled them on her porridge, eeewwww, what a horrible combination!  East meets West in an appalling fashion lol!    She insisted on sprinkling the cheese on her own and I let her have it her way.  When she was done, I put the packet of Parmesan cheese back into the fridge but wait…

… this fler fetched the packet of cheese from the fridge again and sprinkled them on the stir-fried red spinach…..

How novel was her creation hor?  At least this cili padi can think out of the box to make her meal more appealing though it was rather appalling, muahahahah….

But nope, she didn’t eat her food either but was sitting on the chair daydreaming, brought out her color pencils and coloring book and insisted that my maid fed her but I told my maid not to feed her. It was then that Alycia jie jie came to her rescue and fed her, haiyo……. so mah fun this fler.

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Family Vacation

August is only days away. I can’t wait for August to arrive because towards the end of the month, we will bring Baby C back to the hospital in Penang for an MCUG scan to see if she still has kidney reflux. I am a tad anxious that Baby C has to go through another traumatic procedure. After all that we had gone through recently, the MCUG scan seems so much less intimidating comparatively but it is still going to hurt when the doctor inserts a catheter into Baby C’s down under for the dye to be injected. I am really anxious of the results. What if Baby C still has kidney reflux? I can only pray that all will go well and my prayers will be answered. Anyway, I am looking forward to our trip to Penang next month as my parents and 2 older girls will also join in the trip. It’s going to be like a family vacation for us. Of course, it’s nothing like a beach vacation at the Mexican Riviera Maya and a stay at one of those luxurious Karisma Hotels but still, I know we will enjoy our simple and short vacation in Penang. Our vacation in the Mexican Riviera Maya will have to wait.

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Alycia Is Going To A Chinese Primary School Next Year

Alycia came home excitedly last week announcing that she got a pencil from the principal coz she got full marks for her Ting Xie again.  See how a little reward can bring so much joy to a 5 1/2-year old.   I’m glad that her pre-school uses rewards to motivate the kids to do well in their studies.

On another note, we received a letter from the MoE last week informing us that Alycia has been accepted into a Chinese school. It’s daddy’s unwavering decision to send the gals to a Chinese school but I’m not sure if my gals have the material to be in a Chinese school. After hearing lots of feedback on heavy homework, heavy trolley bags, caning as a form of disciplinary, etc. in a Chinese school, I really shudder at the thought of Alycia having to go through all these next year… not to mention the distance to/fro school/home and the horrendous traffic leading to the school. We will see how Alycia fares in a Chinese school next year and if she does not fit in, we can always pull her out and place her in a Kebangsaan school.   Let her be our guinea pig and if all is well, I will register Sherilyn and Baby C in a Chinese school, otherwise, #2 and #3 will go to a Kebangsaan school at our neighborhood… which is actually my plan but hubs is dead steadfast in his Chinese school decision, looooooong sigh…..

And by the way, does anyone know of any private tutor who is willing to come to my condo to provide Mandarin tuition to my gals? Please email me at shireenyong@gmail.com. Thanks peeps and have a great weekend!

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Sherilyn My Poor Feeder

Sherilyn has been a very poor feeder since she was a baby. She puked a lot too from an infant up until she was 3 years old+.   Till now, she still insists that someone feeds her at every meal *roll eyeballs and shake head*.  

Check out this fler here – no one wanted to feed her the other day and Alycia jie jie volunteered to feed her muahahaha!  Don’t know why this fler hates eating rice with dishes… each dinner is a torture for her, as if she was placed in a torture chamber. But my mil has the patience to coax and force her to finish her plate of rice… albeit with a cane in hand lol!   Whenever she’s not around, Sher would beg my maid to feed her but not me coz she knows I won’t *evil mum*. That’s why whenever my mil is away overseas, I will put noodles and bread (which are her favorites) on the dining table for her almost every meal… save me all the headache, threats and my blood pressure does not have to skyrocket watching her eat, spill food and spill drinks.

Kaik sei lei moh – eat also can’t sit still… her hands must move and she was doing coloring here.

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Miss Dilly Dally

Sherilyn has a habit of dilly dallying in everything that she does, everything. She dilly dallies so much that I had to wake her and Alycia up from bed half an hour earlier than the usual time beginning this week (7:15am instead of 7:45am), so that they won’t be late for school anymore. Normally Alycia would be ready and waiting for her sis and Sherilyn would be dilly dallying and whining away… which would result in them reaching school or everywhere else that we were supposed to go to LATE, haih!

But for one thing, Sherilyn would be all excited and raring to get ready without me nagging her to hurry up infinity times… which is to get ready for her ballet class. Way to go Sherilyn!

Sherilyn putting her tutu on her own and getting ready for her ballet class last week. If only she would give urgency to other things as well, I don’t have to blow my stack all the time and yell like a mad woman, haha!

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Original Or Fake Crocs?

Barb, you wanted to see Alycia’s Crocs which I bought from the pasar malam? Well, here you go:

So do you all think it’s the original Crocs or fake one? Sold at RM35 (I persistently bargained and got it at RM30, see how Ah Sou I was muahahaha!), it was a good grab and I really do think it is original. When I went home and compared it with the gals’ original Crocs, almost every part looked the same, especially the logo. The man who sold the Crocs to me at the pasar malam told me that the Crocs were rejected by the factory that produces original Crocs, so they are like goods sold at FOS or Reject Shop.  There were even Crocs for adults and I was really tempted to buy a pair but the hubs stopped me and we were also running out of time (had to pick Sherilyn up from her ballet class).  If I see the man selling the Crocs again this week, perhaps I will get a pair for myself 😀

The Crocs even came with Pooh Bear, Dora, Carz and Mickey Mouse jibbitz.   What da ya all think?  Original or fake Crocs?

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Indian Rojak

Last week, hubs brought us to this eatery called Raja Brooke at Kuchai Lama.  Anyone been there before?   This eatery serves Sarawak hawkers food. Hubs had watched the food review program by Chui Ling on Astro recently and she gave a good review on this eatery. We ordered nasi lemak, Sarawak curry noodles, a tomato fried noodles for the kids (which was too sweet) and chicken rice. We were really disappointed with the food – they serve run-of-the-mill food, even those sold by hawkers taste much better. We did not finish the food and left. Still feeling hungry, we packed Indian rojak sold by an Indian man on a van at Kuchai Lama. Indian rojak is my all-time favorite, though I wouldn’t indulge in it too often coz it’s damn fattening – all deep fried stuff.

This is my plate of Indian rojak, which I shared with Alycia, Sherilyn and my maid. It’s good but still not as good as the Pasembor Indian rojak I ate in Penang. That’s by far the best ever Indian rojak I’ve ever tasted.  I can’t wait to lay my hands on the Gurney Drive Pasembor Indian rojak when I go to Penang next month.

Which is your favorite Indian rojak?

Btw, we had Indian food at Raju’s @ Jalan Gasing PJ yesterday. Check out my other blog to find out more.

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The Downs Of Breastfeeding

Desperate times call for desperate measures… when all other distractions fail to keep Baby still on her highchair during milk time (fed through spoon-feeding), I will always give her the remote control. Whether it’s the Astro, TV, DVD player or dining table light remote control, that wonderful gadget can surely keep her still for at least 15 minutes.

Baby reacting when the light turned dim upon her pressing on the remote control…

Bright-dim, bright-dim, lights off, bright-dim……. Baby is really fascinated pressing the dining table light remote control…. and that’s when I’ll quickly thrust the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth. Stressful or not you say to feed her milk this way? And I have to do this 4 times a day, haih….

My only regret of breastfeeding is that I did not try giving her the milk bottle long enough to get her used to the bottle. She was only given the milk bottle by the confinement lady for the first week of her life and thereafter, she has been fully breastfed, directly from my boobies. Now, she only wants my boops and the teat of the bottle or a pacifier seem like a strange toy to her. I wonder how long more I need to spoon feed her formula coz it’s really burning me out and breaking my back. My supply of breastmilk is also not sufficient to plump her up. In fact, my supply has decreased during my 3-week stressful stay in the hospital with Baby… with a few weeks of nursing hiatus when she was on Nil By Mouth and was puking non stop.

I’ve tried giving Baby a sippy cup and a straw but none of these worked. She just won’t drink milk or any other drinks with the cup or a straw, aargh!!

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