Baby C Is Finally Walking Unaided

For the past 2 days, my baby has finally found the confidence to walk round the house unaided… though when she wants to run, she will hold on to a chair and push it to support herself running!  No longer does she want to remain in her playpen now after experiencing the sweet feeling of running and walking round the house.  She is also climbing on everything and anything and knows how to open our doors and drawers.  She is really a handful now and I can no longer do anything whenever she is not asleep for I need to watch over her like a hawk.

Baby C goes running and running and turning corners! 

Watching her walk like a drunkard with her legs kankang (wide opened… for better stability!) is really hilarious and she makes everyone laugh when we see her take her cute little steps.  I really can’t remember much how Alycia and Sherilyn looked like when they learnt to walk… but having a baby who is learning to walk, run and talk now feels kind of errmm… enjoyable for everyday she brings you immeasurable happiness seeing her progress.  But no, this will not and will never tempt me to have baby #4 even if I am guaranteed to have a boy, ever… period, hahaha!

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