Wiped Out

Who? Me of course. Baby C’s energy is running really high today and did not nap the entire afternoon. These days, this fler refuses to be put in her cage aka the playpen and prefers to spend all her waking time roaming the house, playing with her jie jies’ toys, climbing on chairs and beds, picking up dirt from the floor, pressing the Astro decoder (and enrage her 2 jie jies), playing with switches (all our unused switches are covered with child safety plugs) and ransacking the kitchen drawers and fridge!

Another junk food seeker, just like her 2 jie jies.

I spent over 4 hours this afternoon doing nothing but followed Baby C round the house. In between being her bodyguard, I coached my 2 older brats in their homework…. and also nursed baby hoping that she will doze off with the boobie in her mouth but no, she just won’t sleep! Aargh!! It’s always difficult for Aly and Sher to concentrate in their homework when their baby sister is having so much fun playing with their toys. The temptation is just too great and they would always join in the fun too.

Finally at 6pm, baby’s batteries went half flat and I managed to make her sleep with my boobies.  Hooray, I now have roughly half an hour more to update my 2 other blogs… hopefully she will sleep through! 

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