Our Typical Afternoon At Home

This is another typical afternoon scene at our home :

Alycia and Sherilyn will be seated at the dining table doing their homework and my little nosy parker will be walking and crawling everywhere, her favorite being under the table for she always gets to find ‘treasure’ under there… from bread crumbs to grains of rice to broken pencil lead, eraser dirt, pencil sharpener wastes (all thanks to her 2 jie jies) and insects.   

Check out my samseng princess wannabe’s legs. She can never ever sit like a lady-like and is always fidgeting, stretching and contorting her body… and it’s not uncommon that she often falls off the chair *shake head and gasp*.  I just hope baby won’t follow this jie jie’s foot steps coz I really can’t cope with 2 samsengs at home…

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