Kids Sleep The Darnest Ways

My 2 older brats refused to take their afternoon nap the other day. By 6pm, Alycia was wiped out. As for Sherilyn, haiz… this girl is hardly sleepy in the afternoon. My mil and I often have to resort to the cane to threaten her to take her nap…. coz if she doesn’t nap, she will be like a zombie by 7pm and would sit at the dining table, in a daze with food stored in her mouth.   Her energy level is amazingly at full bar most of the time. She would be singing, scribbling, climbing and hanging like a primate, playing and doing everything else but sleep.

Back to my story….

I was calling out to Alycia but there wasn’t any reply. After a few yells, Sherilyn said “mummy, look at jie jie” and pointed to her room with a sneaky smile. When I stepped into the room, lo and behold, I saw this fler all curled up and sleeping like this LOL:

Like that also can sleep wor hahaa…. kids are amazingly flexible and resilient. If only we adults can just be like them!

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