Baby C’s Sleep Time = My Free Time

These days, my only time on the computer is the time when Baby C is asleep. If I’m lucky, I’ll get an hour of blogging time during the day, otherwise, I’ll have to pull myself up from bed in the wee hours of the morning to complete my online assignments and to update my blogs.

I was up at 2am this morning to update my blogs. When I proceeded to upload pix in one of my Blogspot blogs, darn it, I got the message that I have exceeded my quota (AGAIN!) for free pictures upload in Picassa Web Album and sh*t, that blog is not even 3 months old!  Fyi, I have been uploading my pix in my Blogspot blogs and then importing them to my WordPress blogs.  It’s quicker this way. Not wanting to dig into my pocket to increase my storage space in Picassa Web Album, I quickly created another Gmail account and created yet another blog in Blogspot… all in under 10 minutes haha… and now I have another 1GB of free space in Picassa Web Album… which hopefully can last me for another 3 months, after which, the process repeats and I will create yet another blog to enjoy free space…. see how cheapskate I am muahahaha!  My next mission is to turn those blogs into niche blogs and hopefully I’ll be able to generate some income from Google Adsense from those niche blogs. I now have 6 blogs… sounds so keng hor but I hardly have the time to maintain these blogs.

As I’m typing this post, my Baby is asleep on my lap and arm… and I’m typing with a couple of fingers on my right hand. This fler must have been so terrified of the darn roaring thunder that the second I placed her on her bed, she would wake up and cry.  Anyway, here are some pix of my cheeky skinny mini:

And it looks like tonight, I’ll have to pull myself up from bed again to complete 6 more assignments. Today must have been my lucky day as the Sheriff has rewarded me with 6 more assignments!! I’ve not received pressies from the Sheriff for almost a year! 6 is not a lot… I used to receive between 13- 20 from the Sheriff during the good old days but heck, 6 is still a good number in times like this. Those of you who work for this advertising network would know what I mean 🙂

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