Sherilyn Oh Why Sherilyn?

Why are you so mischievous and so naughty my little girl? You used to be so docile and listened to mummy all the time when you were little but as you grow bigger, you are also growing more and more willful.

Over the past 1 week, you did many things that made me blew my top. First you put so much water into mummy’s bottle of Dettol liquid hand soap that the entire bottle of soap became so diluted it could not be used anymore! Next, you spilled your cup of juice onto the cushion despite mummy warning you infiniti times to be careful with your cup of juice.   The other day, you spoilt the Magna Doodle and baby could no longer doodle on it.  Daddy has to buy a new Doodle now.  And yesterday evening, you took the pair of scissors (which mummy had left in the bathroom after trimming Baby’s fringe ) and cut your hair yourself.   You wanted to hide your mischievous act from mummy but the evidence was so obvious – there was hair everywhere on the sink, the counter and on the floor! Each day, you would cut papers (I wonder how you can still find the scissors that I hid) into bits and pieces and strew them all over the floor… to cut out into animals and what nots.

There are more mischievous acts that you do every single day that will surely make  mummy go nuts and drive mummy to the madhouse but mummy does not want to keep harping on them. Dear Sherilyn, mummy has been praying that you’ll be obedient and not so naughty. Can you pretty please be a good girl?

Sherilyn enjoying all the limelight at the magic show yesterday. Guess what she’s doing here? She was actually grinning away and posing for daddy to snap her picture.  Check out her prim-and-proper hands clasped together for the cameraman, haha!   She was so engrossed grinning and posing that the clown had to keep tapping her shoulder to draw her attention back…. and everyone laughed at this cheeky girl, muahahaha!

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