Baby C’s Stash Of Biscuits… And The Throes Of Spoon-Feeding Her Formula

Here are Baby C’s stash of biscuits:

There are more but not in this pic …. butter animal biscuits from Marks and Spencer, Pureen baby biscuits, Heinz orange-flavored rusks, Heinz cheese sticks, plain cream crackers, organic wholewheat crackers and much more. Baby used to get bored with the same biscuit after eating them a few days straight in a row.  Now I offer her a different type of biscuit everyday. On some days when there is fresh bread or buns, she will eat bread or buns. On some days, I will cut bread into strips and toast them lightly.

Giving Baby a biscuit, a cookie or a toast is one of the ways to keep her still on her highchair while I spoon-feed her Vanilla-flavored Pediasure…. and that’s only 2-3 ounces at each feeding…. which would take me between half an hour to an hour to coax her to drink… with lots of entertainement to distract her.  And I have to do this 4 times a day!  So can you imagine how tiring and stressful my days are these days, doing nothing much but feeding Baby her formula and her meals, just so she can catch up on her weight….  *loooooooooooooooooooong sigh*   

*bow bow*  Give a clap to this devoted mummy LOL! 

Note to Baby C : Cassandra, each day as I break my back washing your bum after you poo poo, each time as I break my back spoon-feeding you formula, each time as I coax you to drink water so that you have enough fluids to flush out those pesky bugs from your urinary tract, each time I sniff your soiled diaper to check if there’s any foul smell, each time I break my back trying to collect your pee,  each day as I crack my head to find ways to entertain and distract you just so you will drink your formula and eat your antibiotics…. I will tell you to be really good to mummy when you grow up.  As you are reading this now Cassandra, I hope this post has touched you my sweetie-pie.   You better be good to mummy… always!

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