My Gals’ Swimming And Ballet Lessons

Finally, Alycia has found an activity that she really likes. She had her third swimming lesson this week at our condo and she is still very much excited over the lessons.  While the instructor taught Alycia, Sherilyn played in the baby pool.  I hope Sherilyn will be more serious and will acquire longer attenton span very soon so that the instructor will accept her into the pool.  I noticed that Sherilyn seems to have a phobia of the big pool and the sea.  Maybe that’s the reason why she is not that interested in the swimming lesson… but I don’t know, she appears to love playing in the pool though.   Swimming is a survival skill and I will ensure that my 3 gals pick up good swimming skills.

I’m surprised that Sherilyn is still very much interested in her ballet classes after a 1-month hiatus when hubs and I were caught up in the hospital in Penang in May. I’ve been asking her many times if she still wants to continue her ballet classes and her anwers have always been a very assuring yes. I’m glad that Sherilyn can make her own decision without being easily swayed.  She normally follows what her jie jie likes and does but when it comes to ballet, though Alycia dislikes it and had stopped attending classes, Sherilyn is still very resolute that she still wants to learn ballet and always gives me an unwavering answer to her decision. I hope my gals excel in their hobbies.

The swimming instructor teaching Alycia to float and kick her legs.

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Friendship Bracelets

When I was a teenager more than 2 decades ago, the craze back then was making your own friendship band. Many of my classmates including me, were so crazy about the friendship bands that we would secretly make them in the Biology or Physics lab when classes were conducted. The friendship bands, made from colorful threads were tied carefully using our hands and one would need nimble fingers and skills to tie the bands tightly and neatly. I could only make simple and straightforward ones while some of my friends could make friendship bands with names and messages tied on the bands. The friendship bands were worn on the wrist or ankle. The trend back then was to give friendship bands to our friends or to the special one whom we were eyeing on.

These day, I don’t think teenagers or young adults would spend hours making friendship bands or bracelets. They can easily get to choose a wide range of funky and elegant friendship bracelets from shops and online stores. Hey, if you want to surprise your friend or loved ones with a special friendship bracelet, do check out or click on the links provided above. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to give a gift. Share friendship bracelets any day of the year, because your friends and loved ones are always there for you. A gift this wonderful becomes a celebration all by itself.

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