The Downs Of Breastfeeding

Desperate times call for desperate measures… when all other distractions fail to keep Baby still on her highchair during milk time (fed through spoon-feeding), I will always give her the remote control. Whether it’s the Astro, TV, DVD player or dining table light remote control, that wonderful gadget can surely keep her still for at least 15 minutes.

Baby reacting when the light turned dim upon her pressing on the remote control…

Bright-dim, bright-dim, lights off, bright-dim……. Baby is really fascinated pressing the dining table light remote control…. and that’s when I’ll quickly thrust the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth. Stressful or not you say to feed her milk this way? And I have to do this 4 times a day, haih….

My only regret of breastfeeding is that I did not try giving her the milk bottle long enough to get her used to the bottle. She was only given the milk bottle by the confinement lady for the first week of her life and thereafter, she has been fully breastfed, directly from my boobies. Now, she only wants my boops and the teat of the bottle or a pacifier seem like a strange toy to her. I wonder how long more I need to spoon feed her formula coz it’s really burning me out and breaking my back. My supply of breastmilk is also not sufficient to plump her up. In fact, my supply has decreased during my 3-week stressful stay in the hospital with Baby… with a few weeks of nursing hiatus when she was on Nil By Mouth and was puking non stop.

I’ve tried giving Baby a sippy cup and a straw but none of these worked. She just won’t drink milk or any other drinks with the cup or a straw, aargh!!

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