If Only They Can Be Best Of Friends Everyday

If only Alycia and Sherilyn can be best of friends everyday, give and take and compromise everyday, share their stuff everyday, talk to each other diplomatically and not scream and not fight like cats and dogs everyday, life would be more peaceful for me…. and I would not get my bouts of migrane attack!    Each time they bicker, each time I hear Sherilyn whining (she whines the moment she wakes up in the morning till the minute she knocks out at night!), each time they run to me screaming and complaining about one another, my head explodes and sometimes I need Panadol to rid the pain, I kid you not. 

But on some days, they can be inseparable… even when #1 sits at the throne, #2 will follow her jie jie into the loo and despite the stench, will sit in front of her jie jie and eat / drink, just so they can chit chat, talk nonsense and laugh till no end,  like this:

I wonder if they would still do this 10 years down the road…

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