A Day Of Jabs… And One Sad News

Today is a day of jabs for my gals.  Daddy and I brought our 3 angels to the paed’s office for them to get their vaccination.  Here’s who got what on their bum:

1) 1st Hepatitis A
2) Booster DTP, Polio, Hib

1) 1st Hepatitis A
2) Booster MMR

1st MMR

– My sensitive and shy baby didn’t budge or jerk an inch when the needle went through her skin. Daddy carried her when the doctor administered the jabs on her bum, one after another. She’s one tough and brave girl. She didn’t cry either when the same doctor administered the Chicken Pox jab on her a few months back.

Sherilyn – I was really surprised that this tough cookie isn’t tough afterall. After Alycia jie jie’s turn, she chickened out and was on the verge of crying. We had to coax her, chase her briefly and pull her to daddy, for daddy to carry her. When the jab hit her skin, this scardy cat jerked and WAAAAAILED and all of us laughed. We laughed not once but twice coz she had 2 jabs. I know, I know, very very cruel of us to laugh but it was funny.  This bold samseng who seemed fearless of everything actually cried. I was really surprised that she would cry. However, immediately after the jab, she returned to her normal mischievous self again and kept bugging the doctor with silly questions.

Our paed told us that he has another patient who also has 3 gals and the 2nd gal had the exact same reaction as Sherilyn. She also chickened out and cried when it was her turn. I guess that’s a typical reaction from the middle child?

Cassandra – As expected, she cried when the jab was administered on her bum and it was only for a minute, after which she subdued and was back to her usual self again.

Today’s visit to the doctor caused the hubs to be RM640 poorer. So do you still want to have #4 leh dear LOL? I think we will have to survive on bread and water everday if we ever have baby #4 muahahahah!

On another note, when I checked my email upon my return from the hospital today, I was deeply shocked, was in utter disbelief and had goose bumps all over my body when I read Barb’s email. My blogging pal, Mei Leng’s hubby had passed away yesterday from cardiac arrest. I think he was in his late thirties or early forties. My heartfelt condolences goes out to Mei Leng, her 3 gals and her family. May her hubby’s soul rest in eternal peace.

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Money Craze

My 2 older gals are brazenly crazy over money. Ever since they received a piggy bank each as X’mas gift from my mil, they have been obsessed with filling up their piggy banks with money – notes and coins. Each time they see daddy or me handling money, they would plead for a note or a silver coin to drop into their piggy banks. It’s good that they have a habit of saving money but I sometimes get embarrassed that they keep ‘harassing’ daddy or me for money in public. Good thing all our coins are silver color, so they don’t know the value of each coin denomination yet. Otherwise, I am dead sure #2 will keep asking me for gold coins instead of silver or bronze coins lol! Most times I will give them a 20 cent coin to placate them.

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