Alycia’s Progress In Math And Abacus

This is Alycia’s Abacus work from pre-school.  She did them all on her own in school but had several mistakes.  Her teacher asked her to do the corrections at home.  When I saw the book, I was a tad lost on how to teach her coz I was never taught how to use the abacus in school.  But after studying the book and the abacus, I figured out how to solve them using the abacus.  I tell ya, it’s kinda fun learning new things from my daughter’s pre-school.  I’ve picked up Mandarin and abacus since last year. I am sure I’m going to learn more when Alycia goes to a Chinese primary school next year. 

Alycia has shown vast improvement in her Math and Abacus since early this year.  Lately, she has even been telling me that she loves Math, something that she didn’t quite like in the past!  I never liked Math when I was young. It was the subject that I hated most.

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14 thoughts on “Alycia’s Progress In Math And Abacus

  1. well done alycia! did alycia started learning abacus this year? coz shan leo’s kindie dun have abacus (i think so). anyway, i think its a gd idea to meet up one of these days…

  2. she has nice handwriting! must show this to my son. or do u have a bigger and clearer pic of alycia’s handwriting to show to my son?

  3. I’ve heard that when your child starts going to school you will tend to learn all the new things that really you might have known but you are relearning stuff.

    I hated math too still not good at it but then I know that people from chinese school either are very good in math but don’t like it or they love math and are very good in math.

    Is good that alycia is loving math and understanding it from young because it’ll help her greatly when she starts primary school.

  4. Hmm..Her abacus is different. I thot it was 1 bead on top, and 4 beads at the bottom. Maybe.. it may confuse her, when she learns the real abacus.

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