Pix Taken In Penang

Baby enjoying her ‘walk walk’ at Gurney Drive. But when we placed her on top of the sea barricade, she froze in fear and bawled lol!

Alycia and Sherilyn feasting on doughnuts that daddy bought from Gurney Plaza…

Feeding monkeys with peanuts at the Botanical Garden. Baby had her maiden ride on the tramp and truly enjoyed herself.

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We Are Back In KL

We were finally back in KL yesterday afternoon. Back home, we feasted on all the famous Ipoh goodies that the hubs had spent his whole morning driving from one shop to another to buy. When it comes to food, his level of patience is incredibly high. He can spend hours traveling from one place to another just to get his favorite food or queue up for an hour just to get the doughnuts that he loves. But when it comes to shopping with me, he has totally no patience for that, sigh…..

Anyway, here are the pix taken at the hospital in Penang:

The nurse administering the antibiotics jab through the IV line on Baby’s hand.

A very frightened and traumatized Baby after being poked on her hand for the IV line and inserted with a catheter on her down south.

Me in the special heavy protective jacket made of plumbum in the X-ray room, waiting for the radiologist to come and perform the MCUG scan. Thankfully I am half way through potty training Baby and she knew how to wee wee when being asked to. For the scan to be complete, Baby has to pee. When she pees, the screen will show if the urine refluxes back to the kidney and a picture will be taken. Thank God, there was no reflux shown.

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Update On Baby C’s MCUG Scan

The MCUG scan went smoothly today.  As expected, Baby remembered the procedures room in the pediatric ward – wailed the second she was placed on the bed.  She also remembered the X-ray room super vividly. The moment we stepped into the cold room with ginormous machines, she bawled! 

At the procedures room in the pediatric ward, it was yet another traumatic moment for Baby when the doctor inserted the IV line onto her hand for the antibiotics jab to be administered.  She screamed her lungs and throat out when the doctor inserted the catheter into her down under.   Baby clung on to daddy and me like a koala bear each time we carried her.  She looked exactly like how she looked like when she was hospitalized after her surgery in May – a face that was paralyzed with fear, eyes red and swollen and a face devoid of a smile.

In the X-ray room, she struggled.  Good thing this hospital allowed me to be with her in the X-ray room and procedures room, unlike other hospitals that have rules of not allowing the mother/father in.  My presence, singing and talking to Baby throughout her ordeal did help allay Baby’s fears.

After 2 hours of anxious waiting, I finally heard the best piece of news from Baby’s surgeon thus far.  When he told me “the result is fantastic”, I could not believe those words.  In fact, the good news still hasn’t sank inside me yet.  Praise the Lord Jesus, He is really great.  After going through 14 months of agony and nightmare with Baby, it feels surreal that Baby is finally well now.  I think I need time to accept the good news LOL!   I can’t believe that from today onwards, I don’t have to go through the gruelling process of feeding Baby her prophylactics antibiotics anymore every night.  I hope that Baby will not get anymore UTI attacks ever again, ever.  Our next appointment with the surgeon and for Baby to do an untrasound scan (to monitor her kidney) is in December this year.

I had taken some potshots in the pediatric ward and X-ray department today but you guys would have to wait to see them coz I had left the camera cord behind in KL, bummer!  So you guys would have to wait until this weekend to view our pix taken in Penang.  

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Going On A Short Holiday

We’re heading north tomorrow. First to my parents in Ipoh and the following day to Penang. Wish me luck. Baby is due for a post-operation MCUG scan at a private hospital in Penang on Thursday to see if she still has kidney reflux.  We changed our mind and now the 2 older gals will be tagging along with us to Penang.  My parents will be joining us too.  We’ve told the gals that there will be no swimming in the hotel pool due to the H1N1 pandemic.  Most likely no swimming in the beach too as we’re not staying at a beach resort.  We plan to stay at the new Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringhi during the December school holidays.

I’ve spent my afternoon packing my stuff and Baby’s. I still have to pack Alycia’s and Sher’s stuff but Baby does not want to nap now. Gave her my boops but that cheeky fler bit my tits! Not once but many times!! And she giggled when I yelped out in pain, see how cheeky this fler is. She’s beginning to be more and more naughty, just like her Sherilyn jie jie. I got so angry with her for biting my tits that I dumped her into the playpen haha! Now she’s screaming and throwing all her toys out, to get my attention… and calling me “meh meh, ma mee, ma mee” and I’m ignoring her *evil mummy*

I’ll leave you with some pix of my 3 cheeky girls taken yesterday. They fished out their fairy wings and decided to be a fairy for the day!

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Our Sunday

We had lunch at Delicious @ Bangsar Village today. We chose BV coz this shopping mall is not as packed as other shopping malls like Mid Valley or 1Utama. For the first time, we did not even need to queue up to be seated at the ever-packed Delicious restaurant. We also got a nice parking space right at the entrance of the mall the moment we drove into the car park. I think it’s partly because of the Ramadhan month and partly because of the H1N1 pandemic scare that many people are shunning the shopping malls.

At the shopping mall, not many people were wearing face masks.  Those who wore were mostly kids and parents.   The family who sat next to us at Delicious had bottles of hand sanitizers with them and they cleaned their hands with it after their meals.  I could also see people opening the toilet doors with tissue papers.

After a delicious lunch at Delicious, we walked over to Village Grocer to get some groceries. My mil had brought along a bag of face mask and the gals thought it was cool to wear them and obediently wore them without removing them throughout our time at the supermarket. I was very cautious and warned them repeatedly not to touch the hand rails and side handles of the escalator and the building. I wiped the trolley handle with wet wipes before touching it.  I also used tissue papers to open toilet doors. We brought along our hand sanitizer and everyone used it to cleanse the hands after sneezing and after touching things at the supermarket. The hubs who usually can’t stand clean freaks like me for once obediently used hand sanitizer and Dettol wet wipes after sneezing and before carrying Baby! I was laughing away in my heart seeing him obediently toeing the line hahaha!

After shopping at Village Grocer, we headed to Caring Pharmacy to buy hand sanitizer and Dettol wipes. At the pharmacy, there was a counter that displayed all the anti-viral stuff ranging from face masks to hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. A pharmacist was explaining the different types of face mask to a lady. Hubby bought a huge bottle of hand sanitizer with hand pump. His aunt bought several small bottles of hand sanitizer to place in different places – car, house and office.

Baby eating her Barney pasta (brought from home) with some mashed avocadoes, fried egg, a wee bit of beef lasagne and a bit of salmon quiche that we ate.

Click here to check out our delicious lunch at Delicious today. 

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Finally, Something That Baby Loves To Eat

I was cracking my head again yesterday morning, trying to whip up something interesting for Baby to eat. She now dislikes porridge and has not been eating it for 2 weeks. Everything that she used to love to eat, she now hates it. Her recent bout of cold and flu have also suppressed her appetite. I had cooked some tomato omelette for Baby for lunch, together with a pot of old cucumber soup. My mil had cooked a big pot of whatever-in-the-fridge pasta. She used whatever ingredients that she could find in the fridge and freezer to fry the pasta and it was really delicious. My 2 gals loved it and when I let Baby try a piece of the macaroni, to my surprise, she loved it! And she kept screaming for more and more and more and boy oh boy was I glad that she’s finally found something that she loved to eat.

The whatever-in-the-fridge pasta cooked with macaroni, fish (meant for Baby’s porridge but since she has stopped eating porridge, we had a surplus of fish in the freezer), fishballs (a few-day old leftover), cabbage (also over a week old but still looked fresh), shredded carrot (leftover too), prawns, big onions, tomatoes and pasta sauce.

Baby loved eating the macaroni by holding it, uncut. She ate about 7-8 pieces of macaroni and wanted more but I stopped feeding her for fear that she would puke.  She had it both for lunch and dinner. I rinsed the macaroni briefly with hot water to get rid of excess oil, salt and sauce.  

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More Of My Little Samseng In Action

Baby moves really swiftly these days.  She likes to tempt me to play ‘catch me if you can’ with her on our beds.  When I want to change her diaper or dress her up, she will slip pass my hands like a slippery eel, then makes a dash across our bed in breakneck speed and gives me that “come and catch me if you can” smug look on her face.  When I try to catch her, she will run or crawl from one end of the bed to another with such great agility!

Here she is in action :

First she climbs up the bed effortlessly in a flash and then tries to lure me to catch her.  Most times, she will try to send panick down my spine by attempting to jump down from the bed but she won’t do it coz she knows it’s dangerous, but this cheeky fler just loves to see how my mil and I panick and scream when she attempts her stunts *wipes sweat off forehead*…

Then she climbs down the bed, butt down first, very swiftly too…

Then she gives me the victory smile as if “I won, you can’t catch me, la la_la la la, yeh yeh”

Then she gets down from the mattress on the floor, butt down first too and continues to roam the room and removes things from our drawers!

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How To Get Kids To Eat Food They Dislike

My mil made some sushi for the gals last week since they’ve been badgering daddy to bring them to the Japanese restaurant for sushi. The gals liked them so much that my mil made another batch of sushi the following day. This time, she concealed steamed pumpkin in the sushi. My gals hate pumpkin and would never eat them but when the pumpkin was hidden in the sushi, ho ho ho ho, they walloped all the sushi and licked the platter clean! Even Sherilyn who hates rice and meat gobbled down the sushi… FUSS-FREE!

Sushi with pumpkin, homemade char siew, Japanese cucumber, fried eggs and Japanese mayonaise.

Check out my other blog to see how my mil made homemade char siew sushi.

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My Favorite Shoes

The hubs has been complaining that I have too many shoes in the shoe cabinet inside our already full-to-the-brim store-room. He has been nagging me to sieve through them and give away those that I don’t wear anymore or hardly ever wear. As I was going through my shoes the other day, I fished out my pair of Salvatore Ferragamo high heels with pointy front. That pair of expensive shoes made from genuine leather which cost over a thousand Ringgit was hardly worn and still looks brand new, though it’s almost 7 years old. I doubt I will ever wear them again since I am no longer in the corporate world and I doubt I can return to the crazy corporate world in the near future. Plus, wearing high heels is bad for your health too.

The other pair of shoes that I am planning to ditch is my expensive pink and white original Crocs wedges, which I had bought just several months ago. This pair of supposedly comfy wedges is causing me blisters on both my last tiny toes each time I wear them. Maybe I should get myself a pair of funky and stylo Ugg Australia boots to break the boredom of wearing slides and uncomfortable wedges all the time. Or maybe get some stylish and comfy summer shoes.

What’s your favorite footwear? Me? I love flip flops and can never get enough of them. They are just too comfortable and it’s really important that you wear comfortable shoes.

Check out these funky and stylish flip flops – all in pink, my favorite color!
Tory Burch - Wedge Flip Flop Fushia

Tory Burch - Miller Hibiscus Pink Patent

I think I’d look really hip and cool in this Ugg Australia boots!
Ugg Australia Women's - Classic Argyle Knit Cream

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Baby C’s Getting Better

Baby’s getting better since yesterday. Less goo dribbling out, less coughing and she managed to sleep through the night. It’s me, the ever paranoid mummy who kept checking on her and even carried her in her sleep to the throne and made her pee.  Thankfully she did pee.  Baby, see how much mummy has sacrificed for you, just so you would not have to suffer anymore UTI. BTW, less urine sitting in her bladder means less chances for the bacteria to breed and multiply.

Baby ransacking our kitchen cabinets yesterday. When she’s given the freedom to gallivant the floors, she doesn’t look a wee bit sick. Even with goo as long as worms hanging on her nose, it wouldn’t bother her much. It’s we adults who will go “eeeee yer” and make a big hoo ha seeing her with worms-like goo hanging on her nostrils, hahahaha.  Sometimes, she even licks the goo and rubs them all over her face, gawd!

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Turned On By Scents And Fragrances

One of the things that turn me on is fragrance – perfume, home fragrance, aromatherapy, essential oils, air freshener, laundry softener, soaps, the smell of freshly baked bread, cookies and cakes from bakeries and just about anything that smells good to me. I am a fragrance person and I love my home and office to smell good too. Years ago when I was still working, I used to have a table top aromatherapy diffuser in my office. My favorite aromatherapy oil was one of those from Lovely Lace and many people who walked into my office had commented on how good my room smelled of.

Back home, I have 3 Lamp Bergers – one for my room, one for the kids’ room and one in the living room. Stepping into a place that smells of aromatherapy scents gives me a sense of relaxation, lifts up my mood instantly and relieves any stress that I may have. That’s why I love chilling out at 5-star hotels because the air in these hotels is often filled with the scents of aromatherapy, including their washrooms.

Did you know that aromatherapy doesn’t just smell good, it also has many benefits? Some of the most common aromatherapy benefits are relaxation and stress relief, mood enhancement, alleviate and relief minor discomforts, boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems.

A Reed diffuser

There are several types of aromatherapy diffuser devises and methods such as electric fan diffusers, candle diffusers, nebulizers, simple tissue diffusion, Reed diffuser, steam aromatherapy diffusers and lamp rings. Reed diffuser sticks, which are strips of bamboo sticks, are a new age of home fragrance and they can really enhance the sensuality of your home. The next time I go shopping and come across a Reed diffuser, I think I am going to get one because they are aesthetically beautiful and would make a good home décor piece.

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Sick Baby

Baby is still having the sniffles, cough and phlegm today, though the chesty cough does not sound as bad as yesterday after 1 session of ‘holy smoke’ inhalation on the Conbivent Nebuliser at the hospital yesterday. She’s also given the Ventolin inhalation at home. Feeding her is still a great challenge as she has no appetite. Nursing her is not easy too as her nose is blocked and she has to stop sucking to breathe through her mouth and to whimper in discomfort intermittently.  Last night, Baby’s nose was really blocked and she was in a lot of discomfort. So I turned off the air-cond and voila, the nose was unblocked within minutes! Thankfully last night was quite breezy and I opened the windows to let fresh air ventilate our room. It was still quite stuffy though, without any fan or air-cond turned on.

Poor Baby has red and watery eyes, red lips and goo goo dribbling out from her nose.

Aaaa, aaaa, aaaaa……..chooooooooo…..

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Baby C’s Down With A Cold And Cough

Baby ran a low grade fever last night and I was up the whole night checking on her and sponging her. As I flipped through the newspapers this morning, I got worried reading that there were a few more deaths due to H1N1, one of which was a 3-year old boy. Not wanting to take any chances, I brought Baby to our paed’s office this morning. At the hospital, many people, including kids were seen wearing face mask, including my maid and me. If only Baby would co-operate and would not pull the mask off, I’d have gotten her to put on the mask too. Our paed’s clinic was teeming with patients, many of whom had the same symptoms as Baby, which are cough, runny nose, phlegm and fever. Our paed was in a jovial mood coz his business was soaring! He’s a good paed anyway.   He knows that Baby is already taking prophylactics antibiotics everyday, so he always tries to avoid giving oral medication to her.

Today, Baby was given the Conbivent nebuliser as she has a chesty cough and loads of phlegm. That was her very first time on the Conbivent nebuliser and as expected, she bawled. Most kids would bawl when given the Conbivent nebuliser. It must be the smoke that comes out from the inhaler that looks intimidating. Baby was also given Iliadin decongestant nasal drops, a syrup to remove the phlegm and Ventolin Evohaler which comes with an AeroChamber inhaler/mask. That gadget and Ventolin cost about RM160!  She is to be given 2 puffs 3 times a day.

Baby is still very much active despite having a cold and she’s roaming the house with goo goo dribbling from her nose. The only way I can keep her from being crabby is to let her walk round the house. The moment she’s placed back in her playpen, she will yell, wail and act like she’s really, really sick!

Food intake wise, it is still super duper torturous and stressful for me to feed her formula milk or any other fluids now that she’s feeling uncomfortable, down and out. For the past 2.5 days, I really felt like screaming and pulling my hair each time I feed Baby milk or her meals. I’d even raised my voice at her, to vent out my frustration…. only to drown in my own guilt after shouting at my poor Baby. I know that the phlegm is causing her a lot of discomfort, thus the reason for her to reject anything that’s fed to her. She would choke or gag when fed with anything that requires her to chew. She only wants my tits the whole day!

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Our Sunday

… has been quiet and a stay-at-home one.  Baby has been bitten by the virulent bug that bit me recently.  The bug did not bite me deeply but bit Baby quite badly.  She’s now down with a chesty cough, a bad runny nose and has lots of phlegm.  I am suspecting that she even has a throat infection coz she is rejecting all food – her porridge, biscuits, bread, fruits, formula milk and only wants my tits the whole day!  She also whimpers each time she coughs.  I’ve been wiping dribbling goo goo from her nose and washing dirty hankies the whole day.  She’s super duper crabby, fussy, whiny and when it comes to meal times, gawd… it’s stereeessssssful for me for she will keep turning her head to avoid the spoon and fuss till the spoon is no where in sight.  I am trying to avoid going to the paed’s office and trying to let her body heal naturally. As it is now, her little body is already overloaded with antibiotics and a whole load of meds given to her during her recent 2 surgeries.

Don’t be fooled by the double chin and seemingly chubby face, Baby is still a skinny mini who seriously needs to be plumped up.

Side-track a little. Someone baked this yummy fairy cup cakes with chocolate toppings and brought them over to my place yesterday.  Stay tuned to find out who my visitors were yesterday….

But I’m sure you Facebook blogger kakis already knew who baked them eh?

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Another Big Boo Boo

If you are having your meal now, please don’t read on. This post may turn you off and nauseate you. See this toilet bowl brush? Want to know what’s sitting under the brush?

Sherilyn the menace was doing her poopie business in the throne, just after lunch the other day. I suspected that she’s probably up to some monkey business as usual, so I asked her what she was doing. Her reply was “I don’t want anyone to hear me pooping!” I didn’t quite believe what she said knowing that the words were from my ever cheeky and sneaky Sherilyn. Anyway, I was busy feeding Baby porridge and didn’t bother to keep checking on Sherilyn. After she was done pooping half an hour later, I showered her.

Later in the evening, the gals went swimming. After swimming, both Alycia and Sherilyn dashed into the bathroom to shower. After they were done, I went in to give them a final rinse AND also to check the bathroom. When I saw the toilet bowl brush, I just had a hunch that something wasn’t quite right. I went closer to take a look, lifted the brush up and dang, dang, dang….. I almost wanted to puke. That naughty Sherilyn had scooped her poop up from the toilet bowl and into the container holding the toilet bowl brush!!! Eeewwwwwww!!!! Gee, I was enraged! I could feel hot steam slowly shooting up from my head.  Sherilyn oh why Sherilyn must you be so so so so naughty?  I think she’s full of curiousity and wants to know the consequences and all the ‘what happens if I do this’. Anyway, it was dinner time and I had to feed Baby her antibiotics, so I didn’t have the time to cane Sherilyn. Plus, I was also too tired of canning her all the time. I quickly put that revolting stuff into a plastic bag and asked my maid to put it in the refuse room outside. I also quickly washed the toilet and the floor. I kept scolding Sher and warned her never ever to try doing that again. Do you have a child as naughty and as curious as my #2? Even Sher’s teachers are complaining to me about her mischief in pre-school and she got punished several times.

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Another Samseng In The Making

That’s Baby’s favorite pass time these days:

Climbing up the sofa and walking from one one end of the sofa to the other. Also loves to climb up our beds. Looks like she’s another Sherilyn in the making…. oh no, not another samseng head in the house!

Climb, climb and scale and tumble….

…. and oh boy, that was a near miss head down on the cold hard floor. Thankfully mah mah was there to catch her, just in the nick of time, phew…..  and Baby wasn’t even scared and continued to climb, *shakes head*

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