Baby Is Alycia’s Best Friend… And Last Week’s Loot

Alycia is VERY possessive of Baby. She will get upset and furious if Sherilyn gets too close to Baby! Everyday, she will bug me to allow her to get into the playpen to play with Baby, hug her and kiss her. The way she hugs Baby is just like how she hugs her dolls or a puppy.  She always tells me that Baby is her best friend and treats her like her possession, muahahahaha! And Baby absolutely adores her jie jie too. If there is one night that I forbid her from going into the playpen to hug, kiss or play with Baby, she would go to bed with a grumpy and black face, fretting and grumbling away until she falls asleep.

I sure hope she will always love Baby the way she loves Baby now.

And this is last week’s ice-cream loot from mah mah:

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