Way To Go Baby C

At 15.5 months, Baby C is finally peeing in the toilet … YAY!  Nope, she’s not peeing in the potty coz I am just too lazy to wash the portable potty.  Since yesterday, I have been bringing her to the toilet and let her sit on our throne (with me holding her) and she has no problem peeing each time she sits on the throne.  She could pee almost immediately without much coaxing and I would praise her sky high each time she peed.  I did not intend to potty train Baby so soon coz I didn’t know if she was ready for it. I only started to potty train Alycia and Sher when they were 2 years old.

For the past 1 week before Baby’s bath, she would obediently pee into the specimen urine bottle the moment I removed her diaper. I have been checking her pee by looking at the clarity and color for the past 2 months, to check for signs of UTI.  Since Baby could obediently pee each time I asked her to without fussing, I just knew she was ready to be potty trained. My next goal is to train her to poo poo in the throne too. Way to go sweetie-pie, mummy is really proud of you!

Baby munching on a slice of bread at Neroteca. We were at this Italian restaurant for lunch on Sunday… with our friend, a handsome movie star.

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