Tortoise Jelly

My mil got 2 boxes of kwai leng goa from Eu Yan Sang the other day. Guess who whacked the 2 boxes of tortoise jelly?

My not so health freak Alycia and moi. I love tortoise jelly, though it tastes a tad bitter and I normaly eat it minus the honey.  Yup, I can slurp the smooth jelly down my throat minus any sweet syrup. I polished off the last box last night as I was having a slight sore throat, no thanks to the durians, terrible haze and constant yelling.  My throat really felt better this morning…. though I doubt the herbal jelly actually cured the bad throat.

By the way, it’s called tortoise jelly coz people believe that the herbal jelly is made from ground tortoise shell. Well, I don’t know how true it is but I personally think it’s made purely out of herbs and jelly powder.   What da ya think?  You think tortoise jelly really has ground tortoise shell in it?

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