I Can Feed Myself Medicine

Sher was ransacking the kitchen drawer for junk food after her lunch a few days ago. She had just recovered from a throat infection. I threatened her that if she ate any junk food and gets another throat infection, I would not care for her and would not feed her medicine. Guess what her reply was? “I can feed myself medicine!” And she said that smugly too *slaps forehead*

Here she is feeding herself medicine… which was Duphalax syrup for her constipation / bloated tummy. I was too busy to feed Sher and told her to eat the meds herself after I had poured the meds out for her, which she happily did! I’m glad that my 2 older gals are now pretty independent and they are enjoying their independence too, prefering to do everything themselves. If only Sher would eat her rice and dishes on her own too without asking us to feed her at every meal.

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