Our Sunday

We had buffet lunch at Lemon Garden coffee house @ Shangri La Hotel today.  That was our second birthday celebration for my dad.  We had a sumptuous dinner at a Chinese restaurant last night.  The buffet at Lemon Garden coffee house is one of the best in town. Though quite pricey, the food is great and selection is really wide.  There is such an abundance of good food that I can never have space in my tummy to taste everything each time I have lunch there.  In fact, I didn’t eat much today coz my throat doesn’t feel that good and I don’t want to overstuff myself.  When I was with Aly and Sher who were doing arts and craft outside the coffee house, I bumped into Mamapumkin’s hubby and their ever cute Tee and we chatted for a while.

My little vain pot was too distracted with all the activities for kids that she hardly ate… only ate a scoop of ice-cream, some creamy mushroom soup with crackers…. then went out to socialize, got herself 2 hand paintings, did some arts and craft and tailed the clown for balloons over and over again!

My 3 gals are bone-tired now as they slept very late last night, woke up early this morning and played like there’s no tomorrow today.  They are all now fast asleep and finally I have some quiet time to myself!

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