Suckling Pig No More

The set menu that the hubs chose for the dinner we had on Saturday to celebrate my dad’s birthday consisted of a suckling pig, among other dishes. I used to like suckling pig but in recent years, I have started to feel really geli (repulsive) each time I eat them, especially if there is a thick layer of fat stuck to the crispy skin.  Gee, that’s just too fattening, donch ya think so?  Just 2 weeks back, I had read an article in the newspapers on how baby animals are killed and brought to the pot and served on the dining table. I felt really gross after reading that article.

When I saw this suckling pig staring at me, I felt my stomach turning, haha…. and then the next few dishes that followed, I lost my appetite. I felt even more nauseous when the baby’s pig head was chopped into pieces for everyone to devour on, muahahahaha…. I think I should stop the hubs from ordering this dish in future – to prevent cruelty, to save money (a suckling pig ain’t cheap) and for health’s sake.  Do you eat suckling pig? 

I think I should turn into a vegan soon! 

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