Baby Called Me Mummy…. And Pooed In Her Potty

Cassandra’s Milestones at 16 Months

“Walk walk, walk walk” — this is Baby’s favorite word these days. She can hardly be caged up in her playpen now. Most of her waking time is spent walking and climbing. This afternoon, I put her in her playpen after her lunch. She of course pleaded pathetically with her favorite line “walk walk, walk walk”. I would normally carry her out but today I said “call mummy first” and to my great surprise, she said the golden word “mamee” with a smile.   Though this is not the first time I hear my babies calling me mummy for their first time, I am nonetheless overwhelmed and overjoyed. I praised her sky high, carried her, shouted “good job, clever girl“, kissed her, hugged her and jumped and jumped together with her… which made her giggle and giggle. I then asked her to call me mummy again and she called me “mamee” again, then I repeated the praises, hugs, jumps and kisses. Wow, we did that like 5 times and that moment was really priceless, a moment which I’ve waited for 16 months.

This morning, my mil also managed to get Baby to poo poo in the potty…. the bright red potty that Sherilyn jie jie once used. It was a good start and Baby managed to poo effortlessly and without any fuss. I hope she’ll keep up the good work tomorrow and the days that follow. Baby is still doing fine peeing in the throne each time I bring her there. My next mission is to teach her to tell me each time she wants to pee or poo. Now, she knows how to tell me after she had poo pooed by lifting her blouse and saying “ba ba” (poo poo), albeit not all the time.

Baby now has 3 teeth – 2 at the bottom and 1 on top.

Baby’s weight is still hovering at 9kg. She’s at a very active stage now, so I foresee her weight will climb up pretty slowly. But it’s ok, as long as she’s healthy and is UTI free, her weight is just a number and wouldn’t bother me much.

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