Another Big Boo Boo

If you are having your meal now, please don’t read on. This post may turn you off and nauseate you. See this toilet bowl brush? Want to know what’s sitting under the brush?

Sherilyn the menace was doing her poopie business in the throne, just after lunch the other day. I suspected that she’s probably up to some monkey business as usual, so I asked her what she was doing. Her reply was “I don’t want anyone to hear me pooping!” I didn’t quite believe what she said knowing that the words were from my ever cheeky and sneaky Sherilyn. Anyway, I was busy feeding Baby porridge and didn’t bother to keep checking on Sherilyn. After she was done pooping half an hour later, I showered her.

Later in the evening, the gals went swimming. After swimming, both Alycia and Sherilyn dashed into the bathroom to shower. After they were done, I went in to give them a final rinse AND also to check the bathroom. When I saw the toilet bowl brush, I just had a hunch that something wasn’t quite right. I went closer to take a look, lifted the brush up and dang, dang, dang….. I almost wanted to puke. That naughty Sherilyn had scooped her poop up from the toilet bowl and into the container holding the toilet bowl brush!!! Eeewwwwwww!!!! Gee, I was enraged! I could feel hot steam slowly shooting up from my head.  Sherilyn oh why Sherilyn must you be so so so so naughty?  I think she’s full of curiousity and wants to know the consequences and all the ‘what happens if I do this’. Anyway, it was dinner time and I had to feed Baby her antibiotics, so I didn’t have the time to cane Sherilyn. Plus, I was also too tired of canning her all the time. I quickly put that revolting stuff into a plastic bag and asked my maid to put it in the refuse room outside. I also quickly washed the toilet and the floor. I kept scolding Sher and warned her never ever to try doing that again. Do you have a child as naughty and as curious as my #2? Even Sher’s teachers are complaining to me about her mischief in pre-school and she got punished several times.

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