Our Sunday

… has been quiet and a stay-at-home one.  Baby has been bitten by the virulent bug that bit me recently.  The bug did not bite me deeply but bit Baby quite badly.  She’s now down with a chesty cough, a bad runny nose and has lots of phlegm.  I am suspecting that she even has a throat infection coz she is rejecting all food – her porridge, biscuits, bread, fruits, formula milk and only wants my tits the whole day!  She also whimpers each time she coughs.  I’ve been wiping dribbling goo goo from her nose and washing dirty hankies the whole day.  She’s super duper crabby, fussy, whiny and when it comes to meal times, gawd… it’s stereeessssssful for me for she will keep turning her head to avoid the spoon and fuss till the spoon is no where in sight.  I am trying to avoid going to the paed’s office and trying to let her body heal naturally. As it is now, her little body is already overloaded with antibiotics and a whole load of meds given to her during her recent 2 surgeries.

Don’t be fooled by the double chin and seemingly chubby face, Baby is still a skinny mini who seriously needs to be plumped up.

Side-track a little. Someone baked this yummy fairy cup cakes with chocolate toppings and brought them over to my place yesterday.  Stay tuned to find out who my visitors were yesterday….

But I’m sure you Facebook blogger kakis already knew who baked them eh?

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