Baby C’s Down With A Cold And Cough

Baby ran a low grade fever last night and I was up the whole night checking on her and sponging her. As I flipped through the newspapers this morning, I got worried reading that there were a few more deaths due to H1N1, one of which was a 3-year old boy. Not wanting to take any chances, I brought Baby to our paed’s office this morning. At the hospital, many people, including kids were seen wearing face mask, including my maid and me. If only Baby would co-operate and would not pull the mask off, I’d have gotten her to put on the mask too. Our paed’s clinic was teeming with patients, many of whom had the same symptoms as Baby, which are cough, runny nose, phlegm and fever. Our paed was in a jovial mood coz his business was soaring! He’s a good paed anyway.   He knows that Baby is already taking prophylactics antibiotics everyday, so he always tries to avoid giving oral medication to her.

Today, Baby was given the Conbivent nebuliser as she has a chesty cough and loads of phlegm. That was her very first time on the Conbivent nebuliser and as expected, she bawled. Most kids would bawl when given the Conbivent nebuliser. It must be the smoke that comes out from the inhaler that looks intimidating. Baby was also given Iliadin decongestant nasal drops, a syrup to remove the phlegm and Ventolin Evohaler which comes with an AeroChamber inhaler/mask. That gadget and Ventolin cost about RM160!  She is to be given 2 puffs 3 times a day.

Baby is still very much active despite having a cold and she’s roaming the house with goo goo dribbling from her nose. The only way I can keep her from being crabby is to let her walk round the house. The moment she’s placed back in her playpen, she will yell, wail and act like she’s really, really sick!

Food intake wise, it is still super duper torturous and stressful for me to feed her formula milk or any other fluids now that she’s feeling uncomfortable, down and out. For the past 2.5 days, I really felt like screaming and pulling my hair each time I feed Baby milk or her meals. I’d even raised my voice at her, to vent out my frustration…. only to drown in my own guilt after shouting at my poor Baby. I know that the phlegm is causing her a lot of discomfort, thus the reason for her to reject anything that’s fed to her. She would choke or gag when fed with anything that requires her to chew. She only wants my tits the whole day!

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