Sick Baby

Baby is still having the sniffles, cough and phlegm today, though the chesty cough does not sound as bad as yesterday after 1 session of ‘holy smoke’ inhalation on the Conbivent Nebuliser at the hospital yesterday. She’s also given the Ventolin inhalation at home. Feeding her is still a great challenge as she has no appetite. Nursing her is not easy too as her nose is blocked and she has to stop sucking to breathe through her mouth and to whimper in discomfort intermittently.  Last night, Baby’s nose was really blocked and she was in a lot of discomfort. So I turned off the air-cond and voila, the nose was unblocked within minutes! Thankfully last night was quite breezy and I opened the windows to let fresh air ventilate our room. It was still quite stuffy though, without any fan or air-cond turned on.

Poor Baby has red and watery eyes, red lips and goo goo dribbling out from her nose.

Aaaa, aaaa, aaaaa……..chooooooooo…..

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