Baby C’s Getting Better

Baby’s getting better since yesterday. Less goo dribbling out, less coughing and she managed to sleep through the night. It’s me, the ever paranoid mummy who kept checking on her and even carried her in her sleep to the throne and made her pee.  Thankfully she did pee.  Baby, see how much mummy has sacrificed for you, just so you would not have to suffer anymore UTI. BTW, less urine sitting in her bladder means less chances for the bacteria to breed and multiply.

Baby ransacking our kitchen cabinets yesterday. When she’s given the freedom to gallivant the floors, she doesn’t look a wee bit sick. Even with goo as long as worms hanging on her nose, it wouldn’t bother her much. It’s we adults who will go “eeeee yer” and make a big hoo ha seeing her with worms-like goo hanging on her nostrils, hahahaha.  Sometimes, she even licks the goo and rubs them all over her face, gawd!

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Turned On By Scents And Fragrances

One of the things that turn me on is fragrance – perfume, home fragrance, aromatherapy, essential oils, air freshener, laundry softener, soaps, the smell of freshly baked bread, cookies and cakes from bakeries and just about anything that smells good to me. I am a fragrance person and I love my home and office to smell good too. Years ago when I was still working, I used to have a table top aromatherapy diffuser in my office. My favorite aromatherapy oil was one of those from Lovely Lace and many people who walked into my office had commented on how good my room smelled of.

Back home, I have 3 Lamp Bergers – one for my room, one for the kids’ room and one in the living room. Stepping into a place that smells of aromatherapy scents gives me a sense of relaxation, lifts up my mood instantly and relieves any stress that I may have. That’s why I love chilling out at 5-star hotels because the air in these hotels is often filled with the scents of aromatherapy, including their washrooms.

Did you know that aromatherapy doesn’t just smell good, it also has many benefits? Some of the most common aromatherapy benefits are relaxation and stress relief, mood enhancement, alleviate and relief minor discomforts, boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems.

A Reed diffuser

There are several types of aromatherapy diffuser devises and methods such as electric fan diffusers, candle diffusers, nebulizers, simple tissue diffusion, Reed diffuser, steam aromatherapy diffusers and lamp rings. Reed diffuser sticks, which are strips of bamboo sticks, are a new age of home fragrance and they can really enhance the sensuality of your home. The next time I go shopping and come across a Reed diffuser, I think I am going to get one because they are aesthetically beautiful and would make a good home décor piece.

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