How To Get Kids To Eat Food They Dislike

My mil made some sushi for the gals last week since they’ve been badgering daddy to bring them to the Japanese restaurant for sushi. The gals liked them so much that my mil made another batch of sushi the following day. This time, she concealed steamed pumpkin in the sushi. My gals hate pumpkin and would never eat them but when the pumpkin was hidden in the sushi, ho ho ho ho, they walloped all the sushi and licked the platter clean! Even Sherilyn who hates rice and meat gobbled down the sushi… FUSS-FREE!

Sushi with pumpkin, homemade char siew, Japanese cucumber, fried eggs and Japanese mayonaise.

Check out my other blog to see how my mil made homemade char siew sushi.

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My Favorite Shoes

The hubs has been complaining that I have too many shoes in the shoe cabinet inside our already full-to-the-brim store-room. He has been nagging me to sieve through them and give away those that I don’t wear anymore or hardly ever wear. As I was going through my shoes the other day, I fished out my pair of Salvatore Ferragamo high heels with pointy front. That pair of expensive shoes made from genuine leather which cost over a thousand Ringgit was hardly worn and still looks brand new, though it’s almost 7 years old. I doubt I will ever wear them again since I am no longer in the corporate world and I doubt I can return to the crazy corporate world in the near future. Plus, wearing high heels is bad for your health too.

The other pair of shoes that I am planning to ditch is my expensive pink and white original Crocs wedges, which I had bought just several months ago. This pair of supposedly comfy wedges is causing me blisters on both my last tiny toes each time I wear them. Maybe I should get myself a pair of funky and stylo Ugg Australia boots to break the boredom of wearing slides and uncomfortable wedges all the time. Or maybe get some stylish and comfy summer shoes.

What’s your favorite footwear? Me? I love flip flops and can never get enough of them. They are just too comfortable and it’s really important that you wear comfortable shoes.

Check out these funky and stylish flip flops – all in pink, my favorite color!
Tory Burch - Wedge Flip Flop Fushia

Tory Burch - Miller Hibiscus Pink Patent

I think I’d look really hip and cool in this Ugg Australia boots!
Ugg Australia Women's - Classic Argyle Knit Cream

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