More Of My Little Samseng In Action

Baby moves really swiftly these days.  She likes to tempt me to play ‘catch me if you can’ with her on our beds.  When I want to change her diaper or dress her up, she will slip pass my hands like a slippery eel, then makes a dash across our bed in breakneck speed and gives me that “come and catch me if you can” smug look on her face.  When I try to catch her, she will run or crawl from one end of the bed to another with such great agility!

Here she is in action :

First she climbs up the bed effortlessly in a flash and then tries to lure me to catch her.  Most times, she will try to send panick down my spine by attempting to jump down from the bed but she won’t do it coz she knows it’s dangerous, but this cheeky fler just loves to see how my mil and I panick and scream when she attempts her stunts *wipes sweat off forehead*…

Then she climbs down the bed, butt down first, very swiftly too…

Then she gives me the victory smile as if “I won, you can’t catch me, la la_la la la, yeh yeh”

Then she gets down from the mattress on the floor, butt down first too and continues to roam the room and removes things from our drawers!

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