Finally, Something That Baby Loves To Eat

I was cracking my head again yesterday morning, trying to whip up something interesting for Baby to eat. She now dislikes porridge and has not been eating it for 2 weeks. Everything that she used to love to eat, she now hates it. Her recent bout of cold and flu have also suppressed her appetite. I had cooked some tomato omelette for Baby for lunch, together with a pot of old cucumber soup. My mil had cooked a big pot of whatever-in-the-fridge pasta. She used whatever ingredients that she could find in the fridge and freezer to fry the pasta and it was really delicious. My 2 gals loved it and when I let Baby try a piece of the macaroni, to my surprise, she loved it! And she kept screaming for more and more and more and boy oh boy was I glad that she’s finally found something that she loved to eat.

The whatever-in-the-fridge pasta cooked with macaroni, fish (meant for Baby’s porridge but since she has stopped eating porridge, we had a surplus of fish in the freezer), fishballs (a few-day old leftover), cabbage (also over a week old but still looked fresh), shredded carrot (leftover too), prawns, big onions, tomatoes and pasta sauce.

Baby loved eating the macaroni by holding it, uncut. She ate about 7-8 pieces of macaroni and wanted more but I stopped feeding her for fear that she would puke.  She had it both for lunch and dinner. I rinsed the macaroni briefly with hot water to get rid of excess oil, salt and sauce.  

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