Our Sunday

We had lunch at Delicious @ Bangsar Village today. We chose BV coz this shopping mall is not as packed as other shopping malls like Mid Valley or 1Utama. For the first time, we did not even need to queue up to be seated at the ever-packed Delicious restaurant. We also got a nice parking space right at the entrance of the mall the moment we drove into the car park. I think it’s partly because of the Ramadhan month and partly because of the H1N1 pandemic scare that many people are shunning the shopping malls.

At the shopping mall, not many people were wearing face masks.  Those who wore were mostly kids and parents.   The family who sat next to us at Delicious had bottles of hand sanitizers with them and they cleaned their hands with it after their meals.  I could also see people opening the toilet doors with tissue papers.

After a delicious lunch at Delicious, we walked over to Village Grocer to get some groceries. My mil had brought along a bag of face mask and the gals thought it was cool to wear them and obediently wore them without removing them throughout our time at the supermarket. I was very cautious and warned them repeatedly not to touch the hand rails and side handles of the escalator and the building. I wiped the trolley handle with wet wipes before touching it.  I also used tissue papers to open toilet doors. We brought along our hand sanitizer and everyone used it to cleanse the hands after sneezing and after touching things at the supermarket. The hubs who usually can’t stand clean freaks like me for once obediently used hand sanitizer and Dettol wet wipes after sneezing and before carrying Baby! I was laughing away in my heart seeing him obediently toeing the line hahaha!

After shopping at Village Grocer, we headed to Caring Pharmacy to buy hand sanitizer and Dettol wipes. At the pharmacy, there was a counter that displayed all the anti-viral stuff ranging from face masks to hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. A pharmacist was explaining the different types of face mask to a lady. Hubby bought a huge bottle of hand sanitizer with hand pump. His aunt bought several small bottles of hand sanitizer to place in different places – car, house and office.

Baby eating her Barney pasta (brought from home) with some mashed avocadoes, fried egg, a wee bit of beef lasagne and a bit of salmon quiche that we ate.

Click here to check out our delicious lunch at Delicious today. 

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