Random Pix Of My 3 Angels

My little samseng and terrorizer climbing sofa with an Ikea stool to watch the outside view ….

and then attempted to climb on the window grills like a primate!

Baby’s porridge with seabass fish (which she loved) and lots of stir-fried spinach, all chopped up….

Baby enjoying her seabass fish porridge with spinach, which she loved and could polish off quite a big bowl…

For once, Sherilyn polished off her plate of rice with dishes in a jiffy! Coz she likes steamed seabass fish (which tastes so much like cod fish) and there’s stir-fried spinach, her favorite veggie. To reward her, I gave a packet of sugar-free Iko biscuit.

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Sinful Indulgence At Alexis Bistro @ Gardens

After a hearty and sumptuous dinner at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Gardens on the second day of Hari Raya, we headed to Alexis Bistro for coffee and cakes. Alexis serves delectable cakes and coffee and is one of my favorite places for cakes and to hang out with friends to chit chat. Here’s what we had (and for you to drool on)….

Tiramisu with vanilla ice-cream and strawberry sauce…

Marble cheesecake…

Can’t remember what this piece of chocolate cake is called. But it’s sinfully delicious with loads of macademia nuts and butterscotch…

Hubby’s glass of hot latte (minus the sugar) which he shared with me – very thick, rich and has the ‘umphhhh’ power! iLike!

What a pleasure pandering in such sinful sustenance during the Raya holidays…. which had without any doubt brought an excess baggage under my spaghetti strap top, sigh!

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Things That Sher Brings To School And Her Quirks

For the umpteenth time, I have been getting surprises each time I open up Sher’s stuffed to the brim school bag, which always looks like a huge ‘hum yoke coong’ (rice dumpling)! So stuffed was the school bag that the zip looked like it would snap anytime! Here are some of the things that she stuffed into her school bag on 2 occasions:

A Transformer toy (which she ‘stole’ from Alycia and all hell broke loose when Alycia found out that the Transformer toy was in Sher’s school bag), a cello tape dispenser, a bag of color pencils, an empty Calcium tabs bottle, her Disney Chip n Dale wallet with money inside, a Princess notebook, a storybook, some pens, mechanical pencil, pencils and some band aids.

A few days later when I searched her bag, these things greeted me:

An old nursery rhyme book, a pack of Disney Math flashcards, a yellow color magic color with the cap missing, some papers, a pencil with the lead missing and a measurement tape! I bet she wanted to entertain her friends with all these stuff. By all these stuff were confiscated by mummy!

This little brat sure is entertaining and amuses me everyday with the things that she does. She always asks me if she could bring stickers and sweets to give her friends both at pre-school and at the ballet school! Every Saturday, she would insist on wearing her colorful, clanging bangles whenever she attended ballet class! She would also be insistant on wearing her Zara sweater (with the excuse of being cold in the air-cond room) over her ballet costume! After ballet class last Saturday, she removed her ballet costume, then wore a t-shirt afterwhich she wore the ballet costume over the t-shirt, with the tutu and stockings on!! Sometimes she would insist on bringing her Paris Hilton purple color sunnies to class to wear! She really wants to stand out from the crowd by always doing extraordinary things.

Does your kid bring stuff from home to pre-school too?

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Food Glorious Food

Over the past one week, I’ve been pigging in and out quite a bit. Here are just some of the grub that I ate, bought and cooked :

Ribeye steak (well done) that I cooked with stir-fried brocolli and french beans.

Ribeye steak (medium well) that the hubs cooked, on a bed of mashed potatoes, black pepper sauce and boiled brocolli. His food presentation sure beats mine hands down. My hubs is really fastidious when it comes to food presentation. Me, I just chomp down whatever is cooked. No luxury time for nice food presentation when you have 3 kids to mind.

Pandan snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and egg yolk from Shangri-La Hotel. Nice!  Love the super soft pandan flavored skin. Price is even nicer! 

Strawberry flavored snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and cheese from Shangri-La Hotel. Too sweet for my liking.

This is ‘sar keong’ (in Cantonese) or cekur (in Malay). It is a type of root/herb from the ginger family and is also known as sand ginger. It is really aromatic. They are used regularly in Nyonya recipes. The leaves are finely shredded and commonly used in popular Nyonya dishes such as nasi ulam (Nyonya rice salad) and perut ikan (pickled fish stomach, vegetables and herbs curry). My mum planted this in her garden and brought some for me when she came to KL from Ipoh to visit me early this week.

And this is the plate of chicken which I cooked with the shredded ‘sar keong’ roots and leaves. This is one of my favorite dishes.   My dad cooks the tastiest ‘sar keong’ chicken.  I still can’t pick up his fine culinary skill and no matter how many times I had cooked this dish, it can never taste as good as my dad’s.

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Punished Again

When rascal #2 spilled her cup of lemon juice with Manuka honey all over the table, our books, her clothes, the chair and on the floor, I punished her and made her finish her dinner by sitting in the bathroom.

Sher had requested to drink lemon juice with honey, so I made her a cup on condition that she quickly gulped it down. But Sherilyn being Sherilyn, she kept fidgeting and played with her cup of juice and dang, dang, dang….. SPLASH….! This happens every single day!! I hope my blood vessel does not give way and burst soon!

Too embarrassed to look at mummy…

And she did finish her dinner an hour later, very painfully though…. with rice dropped everywhere on the bathroom floor.

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Random Pix Of My 3 Angels

Alycia accompanying Baby who was seated on her potty in the kitchen doing her routine poopie business in the morning.

Alycia and Sherilyn having a karaoke session on their cool ItsImagical CD Player, with Baby looking on and wanting to have her hands on the mic too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Terrorizer At Home

Guess who tore the canvass sheat beneath that dining table chair and yanked off the leg of the green Ikea stool?  No prize for guessing it right though hehehe!  That expensive dining table chair is only 9 months old and is already in this condition! 

By the way, as regards the fried vermicelli soaked in tomato ketchup, Sherilyn did NOT finish the plate of noodles!  I think she felt squeamish and she was in a hurry to go for her ballet class, so everything went into the bin. 

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Our Short Vacation During The Long School Term Break

The long school term break will be here in just 2 months. Alycia and Sherilyn are all excited that they will be going to several places this school holiday. First we will bring them to Cameron Highlands for a big family get-together with my relatives. It will be the girls’ first ever visit to Cameron Highlands, which is my dad’s birth place. After the trip to Cameron Highlands, we will head back to Ipoh to my parents and thereafter head up north to Penang to the beach resort. This short vacation will probably take a week, after which we will all be back, all cooped up in our condo. That’s when my daily battle will start again, with 3 ‘terrorizers’ at home 24/7. Well, I am hoping that someone will get us some Disney Tickets and bring us on an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland in Orlando!

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Sherilyn’s Tomato Sauce Fried Noodles

This is Sherilyn’s plate of fried vermicelli, soaked in 1/4 bottle of tomato sauce, which she poured onto the plate of noodles herself. She has a habit of getting sauces (and snacks) from the fridge and pour them herself without asking me, though she gets reprimanded umpteen times for doing that. When I reprimanded her, she adamantly told me that she would finish the plate of noodles and did she? You guess?

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Shopping The Whole Day

We were out shopping at The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall almost the whole day yesterday. We left the house at about 12 noon, had lunch at a nearby coffee shop and only returned home at around 8:30pm! It was also Baby’s first time hanging out of the house for so long. When we reached The Gardens, the hubs brought Alycia and Sherilyn, together with his visiting cousin from London to the GSC Signature Cinema for a cartoon movie – G Force. It was Aly and Sher’s first ever experience at a cinema, a premium ciname that is. The ticket costs over RM20 each and the seats are spacious and comfortable. I’ve never been to one though.  The hubs has vouched not to bring Sherilyn to the cinema again coz as expected that rascal could not sit still, kept asking to be brought to the toilet, walked up and down inside the cinema and even asked daddy if she could switch channels coz she did not like the movie *slaps forehead*

I was happily shopping with Baby and the maid.  Got myself a handbag (less 70%), a pair of wedge slip-ons (less 20%) and some household items.  After shopping, the hubs suggested that we had an early dinner before heading home. We went to Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Gardens and had a very nice dinner. Since I didn’t bring any formula milk powder out for Baby (I never do that anyway), I got her a small pack of Marigold HL fresh milk and some buns from Bread Story. That was her tea-time snack cum dinner. She also ate some Japanese green tea noodles, chawan mushi (Japanese steamed egg), cod fish and tofu which she really liked. I’ve never seen Baby with such a good and big appetite. I guess she was really happy that she was given so much freedom in her choice of food for the first time in her life.  Plus,  now that she’s off the daily antibiotics, her appetite has also improved.

Baby enjoying her milk bun with fresh milk……

After dinner, we had cakes and coffee at Alexis @ Gardens. Alexis serves really delicious cakes and coffee. I love their Latte and tiramisu. Shall post pix of all the food in my other blog.

And I just had to snap a pic of this sink at one of the loos in Gardens. The toilets at Gardens are one of the cleanest and coolest I’ve seen at shopping malls .  Very baby-friendly too.

At a glance, this sink looks like a gent’s urinal cubical and for a moment, I thought I had accidentally stepped into the gents. It is automated with a hand sensor.  When you place your hands near the tap, water will gush out.  Cool eh?

We have been going out everyday since Sunday.  Today, we will be going to Lemon Garden @ Shangri La for a buffet lunch.  Nope, we are not rich.  The hubs has to utilize his free vouchers (which he gets when he renews his membership) before they expire end of this month.

How did you spend your holidays with your family?

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Getting Sherilyn To Clean Up The Mess She Makes

Not a single day passes by that Sherilyn does not spill drinks or drops food everywhere. I have been nagging her every day on end not to be so clumsy and to stop fidgeting and moving her entire body like an octopus when she eats or drinks so that drinks will not be spilled and food will not be scattered on the floor from the dining area to the bedrooms. When she dropped seaweed and noodles everywhere on the floor the other day, I made her clean up the mess. And she didn’t think that sweeping the floor was a chore. She actually found it fun, like some kind of new entertainment and was happily sweeping the food on the floor with the broom into the dustpan.

I think kids can be trained to lend a helping hand in doing simple household chores like sweeping and moping the floor, washing toilets, folding laundry, wiping tables and chairs and changing bedsheets and all….. but don’t set too high an expectation from them. Reward them with things they like to do or food they like to eat after chores are done. I’ll definitely rope them in to help with the chores when our maid’s contract expires early next year. I will try to live without a live-in maid next year. Who knows, I will be happier and will have less stress.

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Assortment Of Topics

I was sitting in front of the PC, cracking my head to come up with a proper title for this post as I have several things to write about. So I finally settled for ‘assortment of topics’.

First thing first. Today is my mum’s 63rd birthday and I’d like to wish her a very happy birthday. I pray that God will bless her with many, many more blissful birthdays and good health always – free from aches and pains.

Secondly, I am glad that Baby has finally established a routine to poo poo at almost the same time everyday, which is immediately after her breakfast. For the past 3 days, when I put her on her potty, she had no problem pooping within minutes. It’s fuss-free and she’s happy. It helps that she’s been off the daily prophylactics antibiotics since 27 August 09. In the past, she had watery stools and purging all the time, no thanks to the antibiotics that she’d been taking everyday for 14 months, which had wrecked her guts and caused them to go haywire. Today, we pooped together – I sat on the throne and she sat on the potty inside the loo, with the door closed 😀 We can do this everyday, it’s fun and it saves time!

Now that Baby’s poo poo pattern is established and is partly potty trained (she is brought to the potty to pee every hour), she can start wearing her cloth diapers again, yay!  Which means there will be some savings on disposable diapers!

Today I fried vermicelli again. It’s something that all my gals love and it’s simple and quick to cook. Here’s the big pot of fried vermicelli cooked with organic miso paste (in replacement of the unhealthy thick black caramel sauce and oyster sauce), lean pork, brocolli, sawi, tofu pok and eggs. We will eat this for lunch and dinner. For dinner, I will pan fry some steaks that the hubs had bought from Lee’s Frozen yesterday.

Baby eats the fried vermicelli too but her portion is without the seasoning.  I dished up her portion before adding in the seasoning. It has a little soy sauce and pepper though.

Guess what happened to Sher’s fried vermicelli today?  This fler asked for tomato sauce, so I gave her some.  But when I turned my back, she poured some more tomato sauce onto her plate of vermicelli, SO much that I was shocked to see a plate of red stuff there!    I shall blog about this later.

To all my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays to everyone else!

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My Second Major Shock Yesterday Morning

Yesterday morning, I had 2 major shocks of my life. Both happened to Baby…. my poor poor Baby, it must be her unlucky day. At around 4am, I was jolted up from my sleep when I heard a loud thud and then Baby wailed. I knew she must have fallen off the bed. Baby still sleeps with us on our king-sized bed. Sometimes I will put her back into her playpen. Lately, Baby rolls and moves a lot in her sleep. Many times, she would be near the foot of the bed. Stupid me again for not getting these clues that she mustn’t sleep with us on our bed anymore. I guess I had my last straw early yesterday morning when she fell off the bed.

My reflex was super quick. The moment I heard the thud followed by her wailing, I sprang out of bed and looked for her. I saw her head inside the dustbin that was placed next to the foot of our bed on the right side and her body outside the bin on the floor!! I quickly picked her up and cradled her…. and she instantly stopped crying and found her way to my boop! I knew then that she wasn’t in much pain, else she would have cried incessantly. After I had calmed down, I wanted to laugh coz it did look hilarious – Baby’s head was inside the dustbin, face down the bin!! Thankfully there wasn’t a lot of filthy rubbish inside the bin. I hardly throw her soiled diapers into the bin inside our room. The bin inside our bin is for ‘cleaner’ rubbish. I really have no idea how she fell off the bed that her head had landed inside the dustbin hahahaha!   I must also thank God that Baby had no injuries.  Last night, I was full of paranoia.  I told my hubs that we should move to his mum’s room to sleep, where there’s a queen-sized mattress on the floor.  And so we were like nomads last night…. I transferred all our stuff to that room and Baby & I slept on the floor whilst the hubs slept on the bed.  That was bliss, I could sleep soundly!

This is Baby eating tempeh, one of her favorite food. 

Baby’s all-time favorite food is leek flowers. She could chomp down 5 small stalks of leek flowers (about the size of my forefinger) in one sitting. When I placed the 2 plates of her favorite food in front of her and asked her to choose, she chose the veggie dish. She loves veggie more than anything else!

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That’s How They Eat Strawberries… And Baby Ate A Pencil Lead!

My gals don’t really fancy strawberries but when daddy bought some really huge and sweet strawberries the other day, they devoured on the strawberries. 

Baby would only eat her fruits if she’s allowed to hold the fruit.  Cut them into pieces for her? She’ll spit them out.  This health freak baby who loves veggie does not really fancy fruits, unless she can hold the ‘big big’ fruit herself and slowly nibble on it and suck the fruit dry!

The aftermath mess…..

And Alycia jie jie quickly went to the bathroom to fish out a mirror for Baby to look at herself, with red strawberry juice all over!

And this is how Alycia eats her strawberry, by pulling off the top part/stalk of the strawberry, put in her forefinger and lick on it like a lollipop… she calls it lollipop strawberry!

I managed to capture this pic, just when the ‘lollipop’ slipped her finger and fell on the floor, yikes!! 

On another note, I had 2 major shocks this morning.  One was when Baby ate a pencil lead and I shall blog about the other later.  Check out my health blog to read more about how Baby ended up eating a pencil lead this morning.

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Bravest And Toughest Baby Ever

Baby C is one of the bravest and toughest babies I’ve ever known. What she had endured for the first 14 months of her life is what some adults would probably have to go through in his/her entire life. The immense pain and suffering that she had endured for the first 14 months of her life have moulded her into one tough little cookie. Each time I see her scream in pain and fear when the doctor inserts a catheter into her down under, I can only pray that God will remove all that pain and fear from her and that she will never have to experience such an ordeal again. I still get that creepy feeling whenever I see a foley catheter and other types of catheter each time I accompany Baby C in the procedure room during her ordeal. I’m glad that Baby C is now free from Kidney Reflux and I still pray that Baby never have to go through what she had gone through for the first 14 months of her life again, ever.

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